International media recommends the best time to visit Hanoi

According to this newspaper, with an interesting combination of French, Chinese and Vietnamese architecture, ancient Buddhist temples interspersed with the ravishing old town, Hanoi has wonderful sights for tourists. guests of all tastes and passions. Guests can also experience great food, visit lively local markets and discover a traditional water puppet show. There is a lot to explore in Hanoi, depending on when you visit.

Weather in Hanoi

It’s hard to make a monthly weather prediction in this beautiful city as rainfall, sunshine and temperature can vary on a daily basis. Usually, the rainy season here lasts from June to October, the dry season, with relatively cool, dry air, from November to February, and the rest of the time is the hot season, when Hanoi is hot. and little rain.

The cool, dry months are peak season to visit this city. Therefore, visitors need to find out in advance the prices and services before coming to experience here.

International media recommends the best time to visit Hanoi - Photo 1.

Hanoi Old Quarter promises to bring many experiences to visitors. Photo: Alamy.

Events and festivals in Hanoi

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is the biggest festival not only in Hanoi but all over Vietnam. Around this time, families come together to the public spaces in the city to celebrate and enjoy the atmosphere.

Traditional Tet dishes are also available on the streets of the Old Quarter – and visitors can also buy decorations and gifts for the holiday.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Also known as Children’s Tet, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second largest festival in Hanoi, taking place from September to October. The Mid-Autumn Festival is an ideal time to experience the festive atmosphere with Hanoians. meeting in the old town. Lanterns light up these beautiful streets, and children’s toys are sold throughout the streets.

Visiting Hanoi in the rainy season

The rainy season can make it difficult to travel when sightseeing and exploring the city because the streets are flooded. Heavy rains can also cause street congestion and travel difficulties. When coming to Hanoi during the rainy season, visitors can prepare a mosquito repellent shirt, warm clothes and boots to move through flooded streets.

Visiting Hanoi in the dry season

Visiting Hanoi in this high season is a great experience because the dry weather allows you to experience many interesting things. January is the coolest of the dry months. During this time, the city also receives very little rain. During this time, both domestic and international tourists flock to the city to explore its breathtaking sights.

Visit the Cultural Capital of Vietnam in the hot season

The hot season represents the hottest months here and one would expect the rains to subside and the heat to subside. As the peak domestic tourism season, this period has two major holidays, namely National Reunification Day (April 30) and International Labor Day (May), along with many festivals of surrounding temples. Hanoi such as Dong Nhan temple, Chem temple and Giong festival.

According to An Binh

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