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Vietnamese doctor in Japan analyzes the reason

According to statistics from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, in 2020, Vietnam has about 17,900 people with gastrointestinal cancers. It is worth noting that gastrointestinal cancers are on the rise and younger. At the same time, gastrointestinal cancer is always in the top 5 most common cancers in Vietnam in recent years.

The early signs of gastrointestinal cancer are often vague, easily confused with other common gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, when detected, the disease is often at a late stage, making it difficult to treat and shortening the patient’s life time.

So, what causes gastrointestinal cancer to increase and rejuvenate? And how to detect early and prevent gastrointestinal cancer in time?

All will be answered at the program’s online talk show It’s hard to have a doctor with topics “Why is gastrointestinal cancer increasing? How to detect and prevent?.

The show is broadcast on 14h30, May 30, 2022 above fanpage and Soha live happily – live well with the participation of Dr. Dr. Pham Nguyen Quy, a doctor at the Department of Internal Medicine, Kyoto Miniren Central Hospital, Japan; Co-founder – Project Leader of Community Medicine.

We invite you to watch the show!

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