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103-year-old woman breaks world skydiving record

“It’s great to do skydiving, I’ve been thinking about that for a long time. Everything went according to plan.”Ms. Larsson told reporters.

A woman jumps in Motala, 240 kilometers southwest of Stockholm. She broke the world record for the oldest person to skydive.

Ms. Larsson says she loves to slowly slide down from above. “I think everything is very good”Ms. Larsson shared.

The 103-year-old woman broke the world skydiving record - Photo 1.

The 103-year-old woman broke the world record for skydiving. (Photo: BFM TV)

A representative from the Guinness Book of World Records was present to record the jump. Accordingly, Mrs. Rut Larsson, 103 years and 259 days old, broke the previous record held by Mr. Al Blaschke at 103 years and 181 days.

At that time, Mr. Blaschke made a jump from a plane at an altitude of 14,000 feet (about 4,627m) to congratulate his two grandsons on graduating from college.

It is known that Mr. Blaschke was formerly a very skilled craftsman, living in Georgetown (USA). With a human journey of more than a century, he has experienced all the “tragedy, joy, separation and harmony” of human life and is considered a historical witness of many great events in the world such as: the Spanish flu. , World War II and most recently the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2017, Mr. Blaschke celebrated his hundredth birthday with his first skydive at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters. But this record could not last long because also in 2017, American veteran Verdun Hayes made another skydive at the age of 101.

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