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Airports across the UK are congested

Congestion has hit airports in many UK cities amid high travel demand and a shortage of staff at airlines.

Airports across Europe have struggled to cope with a spike in demand after the pandemic, but UK airports have been in the most turmoil. The UK is experiencing a peak week when there is both a mid-term break and a long weekend holiday to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

Some people were stuck at airports for up to 48 hours because of flight delays or had to wait hours for their luggage due to staff shortages. More than 20% of all flights were affected today, of which British Airways had to cancel at least 124 short-haul flights at London Heathrow Airport.

Some passengers described the situation as “hell” and said they did not dare to go to the toilet while queuing for fear of losing their seats.

Passengers line up at London Heathrow Airport on the morning of June 1.  Photo: Zenpix.

Passengers line up at London Heathrow Airport on the morning of June 1. Image: Zenpix.

Minister of Transport Older brother Grant Shapps today asked airlines to stop selling tickets for flights they do not have enough staff to handle, after a series of flight cancellations severely affected people’s holiday plans.

“We need to make sure we don’t repeat the scenes that have happened over the last few days. Despite the government’s warnings, airline operators are still selling far too many tickets, beyond their capacity to supply. This is not the case. is happening again and all should work to keep this from happening over the summer,” Minister Shapps said in a statement.

UK asks airlines to stop short-selling flight tickets

Passengers line up at Birmingham airport. Video: Daily Mail.

British airlines were hoping for a bumper summer break after two years of travel restrictions due to Covid-19. However, they also face staff shortages and complain it takes longer to recruit new people.

The UK Transport Secretary said the government was supporting the aviation industry by amending the law to speed up hiring and insisted “the government has done its job”.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the UK Parliament’s Transport Committee Huw Merriman complained that the government was putting pressure on it while not providing enough support for the sector. “It’s disappointing that the government blames the airline industry. This is an industry that has lost billions of dollars. We need to find a solution between the government and the airline industry to help this industry sustain,” Merriman said. speak.

Line of people queuing at Manchester airport this morning.  Photo: LNP.

Line of people queuing at Manchester airport this morning. Image: LNP.

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