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Dad worked hard, why are we still poor?

Faced with material questions like these, how should parents respond appropriately? Say I’m poor or admit I’m rich?

Before, I always heard that all people are born equal, everyone will get sick, grow old and die, without exception. But as I grew up, I realized that equality only refers to the right to life and we cannot live just for the sake of survival.

There is one very important thing in life: Money. Even children know this fact. Children today know very early the specific meaning of money and can understand its social status at a very young age.

The question is, how can the child’s psychological development not be affected by the external physical environment?

A mother shared her family’s story on a forum.

She said, during a dinner, her 5-year-old son suddenly pointed at the calluses on his father’s hand and asked: “Dad worked so hard, why are we still poor?” Hearing this, the father was stunned.

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If it was a normal family, the child would definitely be scolded for this statement. But the mother did not do so, she answered her son: “So do you know who spends the most money in the family?”

The child thought for a moment and then shook his head.

“My parents don’t spend a lot of money, it’s only me who spends a lot. I see toys, snacks, books at home all bought for me. Dad works hard to earn money for me to have those things. “- said the mother calmly.

The child was ashamed to look at his mother. The mother continued: “Actually, your classmates’ family is just like ours. After a few years of your father’s hard work, we will soon be like them, living in a bigger house. What do you have? Do you want to talk to dad?”

Before the encouraging eyes of the mother, the child ran to hug and kiss his father.

In fact, I have also encountered such a case, when my grandson in 1st grade talked to his friends about his parents’ annual income, I was shocked. At that age, we only talked about test scores, snacks, etc.

Children today, regardless of age, understand everything, because they think too much, so they are affected more. Without the correct guidance from parents, over time, children are easy to go astray.

The economic condition is not well-off, how can the child not feel guilty and know progress?

Make it clear to your child that you are working very hard

The mother in the story is very smart, she directly uses the question “who spends the most money in the family” to help children clarify who their parents are working hard for, so that the children can think that their parents have So hard, all because of me.

From this perspective, no matter what the parent says next, the child can listen without showing impatience.

Giadinhonline's daughter


Tell your child that being poor now doesn’t mean being poor in the future

By making examples and comparisons, tell children that their family may not be rich right now, but the future is uncertain. You can compare past and present family conditions.

Praise children more and set a good example

Parents are the most important teachers of their children, this never changes. If you want your children to be positive and motivated, you must set an example for your children to follow.

At the same time, parents must pay attention to praise and acknowledge their children to promote their spirit, after all, in the eyes of children, parents are the person they admire the most.

Poverty is not scary, thinking that you are poor without trying is scary.

As parents, it does not mean that we need to hide our family’s real situation, “color” pretending that our family is rich or poor. Let’s be real with children, so that children understand that parents have tried their best for them to have such a life.

The idea of ​​teaching children about the poor and the rich is not to make them feel burdened with the family, but just to help them grow up to be independent and know that only work can help them have a good life.

If your family is poor, just tell your children the truth frankly to motivate them that working hard will help them and their family change the future, everything will be better.

If your family is rich, your answer should also direct your child to the value of labor so that he or she is not dependent, independent and hard-working, creating his own future.

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