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Eyes wide to see the man bungee jumping 765 times in 24 hours

03/06/2022 06:36 GMT+7

In 24 hours, the man from France did the bungee jump 765 times setting a world record.

Bungee jumping is one of the most loved adventure games. Players usually stand in an elevated position, on a tower or in a helicopter, fasten their seat belt and then jump into the ground or water. The rope is elastic and is calculated to be the right length to pull the player back when they are close to touching the ground.

Francois-Marie Dibon, 44, from France broke the previous world record to make her name in the Guinness book for the first time with a remarkable achievement.

Eyes wide to see the man bungee jumping 765 times in 24 hours
Amazing man bungee jumping for 24 hours

The man bungee jumping 765 times in 24 hours. The previous record belonged to Mike Heard, of New Zealand, set in 2017 with a record of 430 bungee jumps.

Francois-Marie Dibon shared that: “I feel great, very happy. I am grateful to my teammates who have been by my side in the last 24 hours. They bring me great energy, keep me active until the last minute. together”.

The 44-year-old completed his goal of surpassing 430 in less than 12 hours and only took 50 minutes to rest. He started the challenge at 10:10am local time, completing the 430 jump at 23:30pm at Garry Bridge in Perthshire.

Eyes wide to see the man bungee jumping 765 times in 24 hours
Francois-Marie Dibon received a certificate of merit from the Guinness World Records

Francois-Marie Dibon does bungee training as a way to overcome her childhood fear of heights.

In this record-setting attempt, Francois-Marie Dibon jumped up and down 39 meters each time in all kinds of weather.

“I think the most difficult time was dancing when it was raining, the weather was cold. But I was lucky to get through it all,” Francois-Marie Dibon said.

Joanne Brent, Guinness World Records judge praised his efforts as proud and inspiring to many.

Currently, Francois-Marie Dibon is living in Stockholm, Sweden and has practiced extreme sports for many years. This bungee jumping plan is an epic challenge, which he carefully prepared since 5 years ago.

For Francois-Marie Dibon, bungee jumping is not only an individual extreme sport but also a collective endurance sport. “We worked together to ensure safety, counting every jump. So this result is really a team effort. I thank my teammates very much,” Francois-Marie Dibon shared. .

After completing her goal of setting a world record, Francois-Marie Dibon plans to give her body a break for a while.

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