3 things that can’t be borrowed at will, if you get entangled in it, you’ll have bad luck

Borrowing in times of need is normal. However, there are things that should not be lent or borrowed, lest they bring disaster to their bodies.

Wedding bed

Marriage is classified as one of the four great joys of human life. In addition, in the eyes of the ancients, marriage is extremely important, it is an important event in a person’s life.

Marriage is so important, of course it is necessary to pay attention to everything in marriage. Marriage is related to the word “new”, such as “new bride, groom”, “newlywed”… Therefore, the ancients believed that the furniture of the newlyweds should be new, especially the bed. . Because people spend the most time sleeping.

Therefore, the first thing is not to borrow the wedding bed, not to lend it to others, nor to borrow it from others, otherwise it is against tradition and not decent enough.

3 things cannot be borrowed at will, if you get caught in it, you will have bad luck-1

Burning incense

The incense box symbolizes the transmission of fire from generation to generation. Since ancient times, there has been a long-standing culture of sacrifice, including the custom of worshiping ancestors, such as the proverb “bachelor filial piety vi fairy”, worshiping ancestors not only increased family solidarity but also expressed the spirit of the family. do not forget the origin of man.

Drinking water remembers the source, in the eyes of the ancients, it is also a filial piety.

And “incense” here is used to refer to “incense” used in worship, belonging to the type of items used for sacrifice, in addition, people also use incense to symbolize the continuation of generations.

Because “perfume” has such an important meaning, of course, it cannot be borrowed indiscriminately, otherwise it will be considered bad luck.

Warm medicine

3 things can't be borrowed arbitrarily, if you get entangled in it, you'll have bad luck-2

In the past, when people were sick, most of them used herbal medicine to treat their illnesses, many of which needed to be boiled to drink. Therefore, the potion used to be an indispensable tool in production and human life.

Therefore, why there is a saying “do not borrow medicine pot”, the main reasons are as follows:

First of all, in daily life the ancients wished for a good luck, and tried to avoid bad luck as much as possible, borrowing a pot of medicine was considered a good thing. unlucky.

Second, the medicine is toxic, the pot is borrowed, the other side is not sure what medicine is on, if it is left in the pot, it can affect health.

Finally, the antique potion pot is a relatively valuable tool, except for fear that the other party will borrow it and not return it, the rest of the pot is mostly ceramic, which is easy to break when borrowed.

There are many concepts, customs and habits that have been drawn up for many generations, and the matter of borrowing furniture for the ancients is very cautious, not arbitrarily borrowing and borrowing, because it may affect the lives of people. old.

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