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When I heard that my child needed money for surgery, my ex came to me and gave me 100 million

After breaking up Minh, I fell in love and married my current husband. At that time, I thought I had found the right man in my life. When in love, my husband always cares and loves his wife. But after getting married, it was different, he changed dizzy, indifferent to the point of inadvertently, making me live in pain and hurt.

I thought that once I had a baby, I would have someone whispering and keeping me company. Suddenly, tragedy struck again. After a fall, my child had a strong head injury, needing a large amount of money for surgery. It is not enough for me and my wife to collect all the assets in the house.

Along the way, I posted a distressed, depressed state on Facebook. That afternoon, ex call me. He invited me to a coffee shop to talk. Even though I was out of mind, I still went to see my ex one last time.

Minh didn’t say much, just told me to take care of my health and then gave me a sealed paper bag. When I opened it, I was dumbfounded when I saw a carefully tied pile of money, with the words written on it: 100 million VND. He told me to take this money to operate on my son, when I have it, I will return it to him, if I am too needy, I don’t need to pay it. Looks like he gave me all his love.

I looked at Minh in surprise and then at the amount of money in front of me. Not giving me a chance to refuse, Minh stood up, said he was busy with work and left.

I took the money to the hospital, pay hospital fees and money for surgery. But my husband is angry and jealous when he thinks that if my daughter has some relationship, my ex will give me 100 million. I kept explaining, but my husband still didn’t believe me. I don’t know what to do to make him stop tormenting his wife?


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