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Love & Thunder also revealed the 5 scariest characters in the Marvel universe

Cinematic Universe Marvel (MCU) has begun to dig deeper into the divine world in the first works of phase 4. This trend will continue with Thor: Love and Thunder, the blockbuster movie that will premiere on 8/. 7 come here. The trailer released at the end of May revealed that Zeus, and a number of other gods on Mount Olympus, will appear in this movie.

However, in the same trailer, Marvel Studios cleverly “teases” 5 of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe in a flash that fans can easily ignore if not paying close attention. These are Uatu the Watcher, Death, Living Tribunal, Eon, and Infinity, appearing as great and majestic statues. These 5 characters are all cosmic entities that have existed since thousands, even millions of years ago in the Marvel world, and each has their own set of unique skills, able to interfere in space, time or even the reality of the entire multiverse.

Uatu the Watcher

Not only Zeus, the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer also reveals the 5 scariest characters in the Marvel universe - Photo 1.

Uatu the Watcher is a name that is no stranger to MCU fans, because this is the narrator for the animated series What If…?, and is also the founder of the Guardians of the Multiverse (Guardians of the Universe). Multiverse) to fight Ultron.

The name says it all, Uatu comes from the Watchers clan – one of the oldest peoples of the Marvel universe. They always carry with them the desire to share advanced and civilized knowledge with other tribes so that they can develop together. However, after an incident that led to the destruction of an entire planet, the Watchers decided to just stand by and observe and vowed never to interfere in the lives of any other beings. In it, Uatu assumes responsibility for observing the solar system.

The terrible power of Uatu the Watcher has been partly shown by Marvel Studios in the series What If…?, especially in the 8th episode, when he confronts Ultron. Basically, Uatu has the ability to read and manipulate other people’s thoughts. In addition, he also possesses other impressive skills such as teleportation, flight, super strength, and masterful and flexible manipulation of cosmic energy. It is not an exaggeration to say that Uatu, like the other Watchers, are the strongest, most comprehensive entities in the Marvel universe.


Not only Zeus, the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer also reveals the 5 scariest characters in the Marvel universe - Photo 2.

True to its name, Death is the embodiment of death, of destruction. Born with the universe, Death is one of Marvel’s most almighty characters, and is also the goddess who governs the Realm of Death, which holds the souls of all creatures in the world after death. Death is a basic force of the world, not existing in a fixed physical form, but often appearing in the form of a human (usually a young woman with a hidden face), or a skeleton. People.

You may not know, it is Death who wants to erase half of the universe’s population to bring balance to the world. The goddess drew Thanos to her side to carry out this mission, with the help of the infinity stones. However, the mad Titan fell in love with Death, and he destroyed 1/3 of the universe to impress his “crush”.

The love between Death and Thanos is quite complicated and strange, because at times, the goddess of death seems to have accepted the other’s feelings. But after all, she decided to align with the superheroes who wanted to overthrow Thanos, leaving a deep wound that he could never forget. In addition, Death also acquired or interacted with a number of other famous characters in the Marvel universe such as Silver Surfer, Walker or Deadpool – Thanos’ number 1 rival in relation to this goddess.

As the embodiment of death, Death can easily release the souls of nearly every being in the universe, or bring them back from the dead. In addition, Death is immune to death, easily changes form, can manipulate reality, time, space, matter, energy and all kinds of magic and spells. However, the goddess rarely used these powers to limit the impact on the balance of cosmic entities.

Living Tribunal

Not only Zeus, the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer also reveals the 5 scariest characters in the Marvel universe - Photo 3.

The Living Tribunal is the embodiment of law in the multiverse, represents the One Above All, and is considered the most powerful entity in the Marvel universe. This character’s mission is to maintain a balance between realities, different timelines, and prevent other mystical dangers. The Living Tribunal also has the role of balancing both good and evil in a universe, and once nearly destroyed the Earth because it contained too many negative things, before changing its mind because of the Doctor’s persuasion. Strange.

The Living Tribunal is the supreme judge in matters involving multiverse entities, after debating with other members of its council such as Eternity, Infinity, Death, Oblivion, Master Order, Lord Chaos, The In-Betweener, Mistress Love, Sire Hate, Eon, Galactus, The Watchers, The Celestials, The Stranger, Kronos, Hawk God, and sometimes the devil Mephisto.

In terms of power, the Living Tribunal is the embodiment of the Marvel multiverse, an almighty being, stronger than Eternity or Infinity, embodying several aspects of individual universes. To make it easier to imagine, the Living Tribunal possesses the ability to be so “heavy” that it can nullify the power of all the infinity stones at once in the blink of an eye.


Not only Zeus, the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer also reveals the 5 scariest characters in the Marvel universe - Photo 4.

Eon is the child of Eternity, and is a cosmic entity associated with the concept of Time, often operating in its own dimension – the Eonverse. Eon was the one who enlightened Kree Captain Marvel about the history of the Eternals, Titan and Thanos, giving the superhero the cosmic power of Cosmic Awareness to be able to defeat the mad Titan. Eon can also appoint war gods to protect the universe and give them Quantum Bands, special devices with the ability to manipulate cosmic energy.

As a cosmic entity, Eon possesses an unfathomable wealth of knowledge, and is considered one of Marvel’s greatest scholars. Proportional to that store of knowledge is the body of great size, one of the most massive living things in this universe. In addition, Eon can revive the dead or create a series of arms from his body.


Not only Zeus, the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer also reveals the 5 scariest characters in the Marvel universe - Photo 5.

Infinity is an abstract entity that embodies the Marvel universe itself along with its “twin brother” Eternity. On Earth-616, the duo was unmatched and ranked only below the Living Tribunal. Infinity also embodies space and expanses, while Eternity embodies time and reality. Sometimes the two also fuse together to coexist as a single entity.

Infinity possesses the unlimited ability to manipulate space, time, matter, energy, reality or magic. This character is so scary that even Thanos, when he has the infinity gauntlet full of mystical stones, has to rank Infinity higher than all other abstract entities, such as Mistress Love, Master Order , Lord Chaos, Sire Hate, Galactus, One Above All, Kronos, Odin, Zeus and Stranger.

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