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The final phase of The Great Reset – Best of LoL Streams 2030

The Final Stage of The Great Reset ft. Ryze + Nunu Combo Business enquire/send your plays: [email protected] (Twitch, Medal, Lowkey (downloadable link) and Outplayed Clip links. If you are not a pro gamer, up Challenger or a big league persona, I will NOT accept replays, 15+ kills at beginning of clip, solo kills, 1v1s, 2v2s (tower counts as 1) or smite steals Any ELO is fine, but no smurfing, copyrighted music , mute or cursing) Join Synapse Squad: ► Previous episode: Follow me on social media: ≧◠ᴥ◠≦✊ Twitter!: https://twitter. com/ Synapse144 Discord: If you want to support me, click here: ► Credits: Riot Games: https://www. twitch .tv/riotgames Ty ler1: Midbeast: Drutut t: TF Blade: https://www.twitch .tv/tfblade Bobqin: Saskio: https://www.twitch. tv/saskiolol EloSanta: KatEvolved: Trick2g: Karasmai: https://www. Nemesis: Anafrodragon: Cupic: Imprisonment: https:// Forg1venapm: General754: Harr1san: Potato dumplings: https: // Kinghaos: llder: Nickich: Overpow: https:// Potent: Rainingsonata: Salmon_kid7: Silenceedgaf: https: //www.twitch. tv/silenceedgaf Usmex72: V1gorous1: Zo3nator: Kinghaos: https://www. Sloppywalrus: Baus: 0:00 Zo3nator 0:22 EloSanta 0:39 Baus 0:55 Forg1ven 1:10 Trick2g 1:40 Karasmai 1:49 Potent 2:06 Cupic 2:23 Detention 2:31 TF Blade 2:59 Sloppywalrus 3:10 Nemesis 3:49 Tyler1 4:20 Silenceedgaf 4:53 Karasmai 5:15 Usmex72 5:49 Sloppywalrus 6:06 EloSanta 6:16 Sachabyku 6:29 General754 6:47 V1gorous1 6:59 Midbeast 7:10 Bobqin 7:30 Rainingsonata 7:56 Salmon Kid7 8:09 Drututt 8:42 KatEvolved 9:06 Tyler1 9:47 Potent 10 : 13 Saskio 10:38 Lider 11:19 Nickichh 11:42 Overpow 11:56 Potato Knoedel 12:26 HARR1SSAN 12:51 ANAFRODRAGON 13:12 Sloppywalrus 13:20 Outro #Synapse #RYZE INTRO from Angrydonat: https ://… Fiora animation:’s outro song: Battl etoads by Tiero ♥Thanks for watching!♥


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