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Launching the radio channel “Hanoi News and Traffic”

Hanoi Radio and Television Station has just put into operation a new radio channel specializing in updating news and traffic in the capital.

According to information from Hanoi Radio & Television Station (Hanoi PT&TH), the specialized radio channel “Hanoi News and Traffic” officially aired on June 6, 2022 on FM90 frequency.

This is a channel that provides the people of the capital and the whole country with hot news that is updated quickly, promptly and continuously from 30 districts of Hanoi city.

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Launching radio channel “Hanoi News and Traffic” – FM90

The channel “Hanoi News and Traffic” will be broadcast from 6 am to 11 pm every day with a duration of 17 hours.

Through the channel “Hanoi News and Traffic”, listeners will be able to listen to hot, accurate news and rich content updated in a timely manner, vividly and attractively reflecting about every situation. areas, including traffic safety.

In particular, radio listeners can also interact directly with the program, famous experts to analyze and comment on issues of interest. They can also send information about local traffic safety issues to the Channel through modern technology platforms in broadcasting.

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Channel FM90 will specialize in updating news and traffic in Hanoi.

Hanoi Radio and Television Station said that listeners can directly interact with radio programon HanoiTVonline’s digital platforms or interact with the Channel at hotline:

The main programs of “Hanoi News and Traffic” include Hanoi – Morning rush, Hanoi – Noon rush, Hanoi – Afternoon peak, health FM. After 9:30 p.m., the channel’s content will focus on entertainment programs to help listeners relax and balance their lives.

According to Hanoi Radio and Television Station, with the motto of dedication and devotion to the audience in the capital, “Hanoi News and Traffic” FM90 will become an honest, attractive, close, useful information and communication channel. always accompanies the audience every step of the way.

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