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Parents need to understand properly and fully

According to Article 4 of the Law on Children 2016: “The comprehensive development of a child is the equal development of factors such as physical, intellectual, mental and the child’s surrounding relationships”. Science has proven that comprehensive physical and intellectual development from the first years of life has a direct impact on a child’s long-term health, academic performance, optimization of future opportunities, even your child’s future income. Together “decode” the important factors to support children’s comprehensive physical and intellectual development.

4 important “pieces” parents need to care for their children to develop comprehensively physically and intellectually

In the perception of many people, comprehensive physical development is simply a child’s steady weight gain and height not inferior to peers. However, is it enough if parents only focus on the “outward” development of the child?

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Besides the growth of height, weight, comprehensive development also includes what other factors?

Along with visible development factors such as height and weight, children also need care to develop firmly from the inside. So what are the really important factors that parents need to pay attention to so that their children have a good health foundation, creating momentum for comprehensive development in the future?

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Children need to develop physically according to age standards: skeletal system should be firmly built to help maximize height potential. Experiments(first) In the world, height is influenced by many factors, in which nutrition plays an extremely important role along with genetic factors. Besides living environment conditions, such as physical activity, sunlight, sleep… also make important contributions to the process of height development.

– Digestive system: The “brain apparatus” helps provide energy and absorb nutrients for healthy weight gain. Not to mention, the digestive system also has a close relationship with the brain, capable of influencing emotions, thoughts and behaviors.(2). In addition, 70%-80% of immune cells are present in the intestinal tract, so taking good care of the digestive system is a prerequisite for a healthy immune system. (3).

– Immune system: the body’s natural defense system helps protect the baby against the risk of illness, recover faster when infected. Research shows that, until 3-4 years old, the baby’s immune system is considered to be gradually perfected, so parents need to pay attention to strengthen the child’s immature immune system at the beginning of life. (4).

– Besides, brain – “the headquarters of intelligence” – also needs to be properly cared for so that children can develop their full intellectual potential, absorb well, be quick in solving problems and achieve achievements in life. living.

The “one capital four words” solution to support children’s comprehensive physical and intellectual development

Nutrition plays a key role so that parents can “feed” their children with the four fundamental factors mentioned above. To help your baby be healthy, develop comprehensively both physically and intellectually, the daily diet needs to provide a full range of essential nutrients. Parents need to design healthy meals and scientific eating habits for their children, and choose additional milk sources to help children develop comprehensively.

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Good news for parents, a familiar product trusted by many Vietnamese mothers is Dielac Alpha Gold 4 Now there are new improvements, with the formula system COMPLET-IQ child support comprehensive developmentmeeting all 4 goals to support height gain, weight gain, brain development, healthy digestion and increased resistance.

Notably, the product is added colostrum 24 hours Import from USA (5) – a valuable source of nutrients rich in antibodies, helping children strengthen their resistance. In addition, a new system of formulas is also added vitamin K2 help support bone development and increase height; 3 times more DHA(6) support brain development; with 36 nutrients and beneficial bacteria(7) Helps with digestion and healthy weight gain.

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With breakthrough improvements for the comprehensive development of Vietnamese children, Dielac Alpha Gold 4 will be a worthy choice for parents who wish to prepare their children for a solid baggage to grow up.






(5) Is cow’s milk expressed within 24 hours of birth (powdered supplement)

(6) Compared to Nutritional Products – Dielac Alpha 4

(7) Probiotics Bifidobacterium, BB-12TM and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, LGGTM. BB-12TM and LGGTM are trademarks of Chr. Hansen A/S

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