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Sailors die consecutively on US aircraft carriers

“The U.S. Navy Criminal Investigative Service is investigating the deaths of three sailors over the past nine days,” said Atlantic Navy Air Force spokesman Michael Maus. above service aircraft carrier USS George Washington”.

Navy Air Force Atlantic officials declined to release the names of the sailors. They also did not disclose the circumstances surrounding each person’s death.

“We will provide more information on the sailors who have passed away at the appropriate time,” spokesman Michael Maus briefly answered the question of Navy Times on the evening of April 18 (local time), while sending condolences to the families, friends and teammates of the ill-fated sailors.

Sailors died consecutively on the US aircraft carrier - Photo 1.

US authorities are investigating the cause of death of three sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington. Photo: Reuters

As revealed by the newspaper Military Timesin a row 2 sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington died of unknown causes on April 9 and 10.

Most recently, on April 15, a sailor was found unconscious on the deck of the USS George Washington. “The sailor was treated by medical staff on board the ship before being transferred to Riverside Regional Medical Center but did not survive,” a Navy Air Force Atlantic spokesman said.

Currently, the commander of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington is coordinating with the US Navy’s Criminal Investigation Agency to investigate the cause of death of 3 sailors.

The mysterious deaths of the three sailors mentioned above take place in the context of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington undergoing a lengthy refueling and complex overhaul at the naval shipyard in Newport News, Virginia. .

The overhaul of the aircraft carrier with a length of 333 m, a width of 78 m and a height of 74 m began in 2017 and is expected to be completed after 5 years, ie the end of 2022, according to the report. Military Times.

USS George Washington is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier named after the first president of the United States and served as flagship of the Pacific Fleet.

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