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[20h00, ngày 10/6] MONEYtalk #24: Try a big game to see if someone is in awe?

But it is also this philosophy that makes many “witnesses” stand still. So how to avoid “squandering” before the fierce waves of the market? The answer lies in how you manage and control risk.

There is a truth in investing: The market never stops. The constant volatility creates once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and also spawns the humiliating failures of many witnesses. And if you want to survive in this fierce market, but can’t predict the market “in the morning, in the afternoon, in the rain”, practice controlling your own greed.

Let’s go back in time, look back at the image of the brother in the fairy tale “Starfruit tree”. With the same opportunity, why did the younger brother quickly become rich, while the older brother only had to accept the bitter fruit? If the brother temporarily put aside his big greed, anticipating the risks of payload and weather, the ending may be different. And you? Can you keep a cool head, control risks to safely profit from market traps?

Determined to bring money into the market, now is the time to take a close look at the “fatal” risks that easily make you fall. Where is your greed? How is your risk appetite? What are the obstacles, and where are your opportunities on the path to Financial Freedom? Will a big play make you sublimate? Or is it just a grave to bury both yourself and money?

Watch Financial Freedom #24 – “Try the big game to see who will be amazed” to assess the risks and emotions that are stopping you on your way to riches with sweet but sharp women – Host Duong Ngoc Trinh and Ms. Dang Nguyet Minh – In charge of Dragon Capital Research. Also do not forget, the profound, close and accurate sharing from Mr. Phan Le Thanh Long (Long Phan), founder and CEO of AFA Group.

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