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Acute hepatitis caused by using ‘heirloom’ drugs to treat mouth ulcers

Patient HNT is 67 years old, residing in Duc Chinh – Dong Trieu (Quang Ninh). According to the patient, about a week before, the patient had a burning pain in the tongue, mouth ulcers. The patient did not go to the doctor but listened to some people’s tips and used the traditional medicine of a healer near the prescriber’s house.

According to the patient’s description, it is a black round lozenge made from unknown ingredients. After about 3 days of taking the drug, the patient noticed a rash all over the body with fever. At this time, the patient was examined at the Medical Center of Dong Trieu town and then transferred to the Vietnam – Sweden hospital Uong Bi with a diagnosis of acute hepatitis.

Acute hepatitis caused by using traditional medicine to treat mouth ulcers - Photo 1.

Patients are continued to be monitored and treated at the hospital.

Doctors of the Hospital’s Department of Gastroenterology said: Every year, the hospital receives many cases of hospitalization due to the use of herbal medicines, dietary supplements of unknown origin… Patients are admitted to the hospital with symptoms of depression. liver, kidney failure, blood clotting disorder…

In the case of patient T., the patient was admitted to the hospital with a very high increase in liver enzymes 30-50 times higher than that of normal people. Specifically, the AST index is 186.44U/L (the usual index is 5-34U/L), the ALT index is 783.46U/L (the normal index is below 50U/L).

If not treated promptly, the patient can face complications such as acute liver failure, severe blood clotting disorder, even life-threatening.

After 4 days of active treatment with drugs to support liver cells, intravenous fluids to increase liver detoxification, the patient’s health is stable, the liver enzyme index has decreased a lot. Patients are continued to be monitored and treated at the Department of Gastroenterology of the hospital.

Through this case, doctors advise people not to arbitrarily use male drugs of unknown origin, which have not been scientifically verified. When you arbitrarily use drugs at the wrong dose, right cause, not according to the doctor’s prescription, there will be no curative effect but also “poison” yourself.

Going to medical facilities for examination and receiving advice from doctors when there are abnormal signs of health is a way for you to protect your health.

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