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Admire the beauty of the Family Is Number 1 duo Park Min Young

Family is number 1 part 1 is a film that took Asia by storm, creating a comedy craze and paving the way for successful sequels. The cast of part 1 every year has now had their own path, especially someone who has become a big star thanks to the movie.

Kim Bum and Park Min Young are the 2 young actors who have the most solid launch pad after Family is number 1. Up to now, after 16 years, both stars have firmly established themselves in the profession and regularly attracted attention thanks to her outstanding beauty. Looking back at the image of a decade ago compared to now, the beauty of this duo can’t help but make the public bewildered because of the “reverse aging” class, the longer they work in the world, the younger and more beautiful they become. surprised.

The duo Kim Bum – Park Min Young once caused a storm everywhere with their role in Family La No. 1 part 1. Looking back at the old series of photos, the audience is even more stunned because the two stars don’t look much different now.

Kim Bum

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Nearly 20 years ago, Kim Bum was a name that caused storms everywhere thanks to his lovely handsome appearance and “milky” face in Family La No.

The sunny dimpled smile of the “Ceramic guy” in the Meteor Garden has strong damage, which has made many young girls flutter.

Admiring the beauty of the Family Is No. 1 duo Park Min Young - Kim Bum after 16 years, the U40 cutlery queen deserves a national treasure - Photo 5.

Kim Bum was born in 1989, this year has turned 33 years old, but still retains the famous Kbiz ageless male form. For a decade, fans have only seen him as more handsome and “hacked in age” rather than degrading or getting old. Many fans must be shocked to know that the actor has turned U35

No longer attached to the image of the year he was born, Kim Bum has worked hard to change his image and style to be more diverse. No matter what kind of role he plays, he still exudes a male god aura more beautiful than a flower, perhaps becoming more and more stylish and attractive.

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In particular, in the movie Law School, Kim Bum, even though he was U35, still comfortably accepted the role of a first-year student. The actor’s youthful face makes this incarnation not awkward at all, but on the contrary, very natural and convincing.

Park Min Young

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“Korea’s cutlery queen” Park Min Young was born in 1986, has now entered the ranks of U40 beauties. Although previously possessing a not-so-distinctive beauty, Park Min Young decided to have plastic surgery and completely changed her life thanks to her beauty makeover. Since debuting in showbiz in 2005 and starting a film career with No.1 Family in 2006, Park Min Young has attracted attention thanks to her gentle and clear beauty.

Admiring the beauty of the Family Is No. 1 duo Park Min Young - Kim Bum after 16 years, the U40 cutlery queen deserves a national treasure - Photo 9.

The career is up like a kite, and the beauty of the Park beauties is also increasing in rank. No one can resist her sweet, feminine beauty, and her elegant aura light up the screen. Even handsome Lee Min Ho has to fall in love with Park Min Young

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Already 36 years old, but “secretary Kim” still retains a respectable beauty, from smooth skin, sweet smile to delicate face lines. Thanks to the super beauty, Park Min Young is paired with a series of underage actors who still look very suitable for their age

Park Min Young went against the stereotype of “cutlery” beauties and was admired by the audience for her extremely natural and harmonious beauty. Over time, the actress unleashed her peak beauty, her appearance became more attractive and even showed signs of promotion.

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Park Min Young was also praised for her attractive body, the more she looked at it, the more fascinated she became

… or in real life, Park Min Young maintains an admirable level of “age hacking”

“Queen of cutlery” seems to have been forgotten by time, after nearly 20 years still beautiful

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