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NASA released photos of “dancing dolls” on Mars-Information Technology

Strange, twisting, and curving stone pillars like the artistic statues of Earth people were photographed by the Mars rover Curiosity.

Amid the shallow sands and rocks of the Gale Crater – Mars emerges a number of twisted towers – sedimentary spikes that Sicence Alert describes as “almost like streams of frozen water pouring out of a pitcher.” invisible in the sky”.

The structure, which doesn’t look natural at all, is quite similar to sculpted dancing dolls, so there’s no precedent on Mars or any other planet. But NASA insists, again, that’s not evidence of Martian civilization.

NASA released photos "dancing doll"  on Mars - 1

A unique photo has just been posted by SETI Institute – Photo: TWITTER

Experts suggest that the bizarre rock columns may have been created from a cement-like substance that once filled in ancient cracks in the rock that underlies the planet’s crust. As the softer rock layer gradually eroded away, the solid streams remained standing.

“These concrete blocks can be compacted together, can be harder and denser than the surrounding rock, and can persist even after the surrounding rock has eroded away,” explains NASA.

The Curiosity rover – NASA’s famous robotic rover – took the picture on May 17, but the image has only just been taken by NASA and experts at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute) institute Land) share.

In Earth’s geology, structures that form the same pattern will take the form of a tall and thin block of rock, called by mysterious dark names such as “fairy chimney”, “earth pyramid”.

The two rock towers on Mars look much more fragile than what we see on Earth, but they’re clearly solid enough to withstand the lighter surface gravity on the red planet.

“Another theory is that rock is a form of concrete made of minerals caused by water deposited in cracks or divisions in existing rock,” the NASA press release added.

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