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Opponents U.23 Vietnam, U.23 Saudi Arabia are missing 2 pillars in the quarterfinals

On the evening of 9.6, the opponent in the quarter-finals of the Asian U.23 tournament of U.23 Vietnam revealed that it was U.23 Saudi Arabia after the 2-0 victory over U.23 UAE took the top spot in Group D.

In the quarterfinals, U.23 Vietnam meet U.23 Saudi Arabia at 23 o’clock on June 12 at the Lokomotiv field in Tashkent, where the army of Coach Gong Oh-kyun played 2 matches in the last leg of Group C drew U.23 Korea 1-1 and won Malaysia U.23 2-0.

Saudi Arabia U.23 captain Saud Abdulhamid was absent from the match against U.23 Vietnam because he received 2 yellow cards.

Phuc Thang

Maybe this is also a good omen of U.23 Vietnam, because at the same time, the opponent in the quarterfinals is U.23 Saudi Arabia after the last match when they met U.23 UAE despite winning by 2-0 but 2 stars received more yellow cards: captain Saud Abdulhamid and midfielder Ibrahim Mahnashi.

With these yellow cards, both Saud Abdulhamid and Ibrahim Mahnashi were absent from the match against U.23 Vietnam, because earlier in the 0-0 draw with Japan U.23 both players also received 1 yellow card.

Therefore, despite being rated very strong and ending the group stage with an unbeaten record (2 wins, 1 draw) scoring 7 goals and not conceding any goals, the absence of 2 important pillars including 1 in the defense and 1 in midfield makes it easy for U.23 Saudi Arabia to face a challenge against U.23 Vietnam, the team has no players absent because of the penalty and only 1 player received a yellow card, Nham Manh Dung in the draw U.23 Thailand 2-2.

U.23 Vietnam players have a full day of free time to relax


Meanwhile, in order to prepare for the quarterfinals of U.23 Vietnam, having a rest period of nearly 3 days, coach Gong Oh-kyun created conditions for the players to rest comfortably today 9.6. .

U.23 Vietnam players are also free to choose their favorite activities. Some choose to relax in their rooms, play games or chat with loved ones, others work out in the gym to release energy, or relax at the hotel swimming pool. These measures by coach Gong Oh-kyun are intended to help Vietnamese players be in the most comfortable state before the great battle with U.23 Saudi Arabia.

Tomorrow afternoon 10/6, the U.23 Vietnam team will return to the training ground and prepare tactical exercises to deal with U.23 Saudi Arabia in the quarterfinals.

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