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Scam buying and selling car coupons

Capture the needs of some consumers want buy and sell discount vouchers, discount of a car manufacturer, fraudsters took advantage of social networks to post buying and selling of these coupons, after the buyer transferred money, the subjects withdrew money in their accounts. account and cut off all contact. This new trick of fraudsters to appropriate property has just been dismantled by the Criminal Police force, the Police of Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

Due to the news that the car company had a discount voucher, a woman posted on social media to buy the voucher back. Immediately, she received a phone call and a text message inviting her to buy a voucher with a face value of 150 million VND with the selling price being only 1/3 of the price.

After checking the information of the voucher card with real value, this woman transferred more than 50 million VND to the account provided by the other party, the money was given but waited forever, the voucher card was nowhere to be found.

Scam buying and selling car coupons - Photo 1.

Subject Cao Huu Phuc.

According to the investigation, the fraudster has bought many junk sim cards, set up many social media accounts to access associations and groups that buy and sell discount vouchers for car discounts. After obtaining the seller’s voucher card information, the subject called and texted the person wishing to buy it so that they could go to the car company to check the authenticity of the card. Since the gullibility is a real discount card, many people have transferred money to the scammer.

“When I finished checking the card, I didn’t show up, I just stayed home and texted the buyer’s account number. I called the seller to give the card to the buyer and told the buyer to transfer the money to my account number”, subject Cao Huu Phuc – the mastermind of the scam selling discount vouchers said.

In order to avoid investigation of the path of the victim’s money transferred to the account, the subject has rented Bank account of individuals at the price of 1 million VND/month. In just a short time, this object has scammed more than 30 cases, appropriating more than 2 billion VND.

Currently, the bank accounts of those involved in the fraud line have been frozen. The Public Security Agency recommends that those who are victims with similar tricks go to the nearest police station to report and settle; At the same time, it is recommended that people do not rent or open personal bank accounts to avoid being taken advantage of by criminals.

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