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The trend of moving work of office people

Workation, working while traveling is becoming a trend of office workers, but there should be specific regulations to promote work efficiency.

Workation – teleport work

If Work from home is a “hot keyword” in the peak of Covid-19, then Workation – “migrating” work locations from office space is becoming a trend of office workers, especially youth in the new normal. This is a concept that describes a holiday that combines remote work, which is a combination of the words “Work” and “Vacation”. This trend originated in the US and European countries, then gradually spread to Asian countries, including Vietnam.

According to Microsoft’s Work Trends Index 2021 Report, 73% of workers surveyed expressed a desire to maintain flexible working remotely. In Vietnam, the survey was conducted by the Private Economic Development Research Board (under the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council for Administrative Procedure Reform) in collaboration with the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) last month. December 2021 with more than 10 thousand participants showed 90% ready to travel within the next 10 months. The increase in demand for mobility and renewal of workspaces has fueled the desire to “Workation” of office workers.

In fact, many countries have implemented work tourism programs. In Dubai, the remote visa program allows a stay of 12 months and provides support for visitors to work and relax. This policy has helped Dubai to welcome an additional 16,000 visitors from December 2020 to January 2021, of which the group of foreign employees staying as Workation accounts for a significant number.

Workation has gradually become a trend of office workers in the post-Covid-19 era.  Photo: ecotourism-world

“Workation” has gradually become a trend among office workers in the post-Covid-19 era. Image: ecotourism-world

Ms. Nguyen Thi An Ha, Director of Marketing and Strategic Cooperation at Talentnet Human Resources Consulting Company, said that “Workation” is a sedative to help employees relieve stress and reduce pressure, thereby promoting their personality. creativity and improve work performance. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the near future, “Workation” will become a popular choice of communication specialists, sales staff, customer care personnel… who are not dependent on the system. fixed equipment and documents in the office.

Notes for Workation to be effective

Like a double-edged sword, “flexibility” is the strength and weakness of the “Workation” form. In case workers do not master the skill of “knife use”, both work and play will become chaotic. Common situations that can occur while “working on the move” include the location of the accommodation is not quiet and secure enough for remote meetings, unstable network connection, workers drifting deadlines due to busy playing, lack of equipment and supporting documents… Therefore, “Workation” is attractive but not necessarily suitable for all.

Ms. Ha suggested that in order for “Workation” to be really a solution to improve work performance, both employees and companies need to set some “rules of the game” and strictly follow them. Specifically, the two sides need to agree on a regulation on time: employees are transparent about working and playing time frames, while the company actively “sets a schedule” for necessary working times and sets some limits for employees. concept of “flexibility”. For companies or jobs that only manage on performance, it is necessary to ensure that both sides clearly understand and agree on the criteria for measuring work results both qualitatively and quantitatively. “Most problems happen when either party, or both sides don’t manage the other’s expectations well. The boss needs a plan to optimize profits while the employees – amid the ocean waves crashing. peace – created an ambitious flying campaign, for example.So in the context of the two sides not having direct, frequent interactions due to ‘Workation’, it is necessary to be even more careful in how it is done. communication and cooperation”, Ms. Ha emphasized.

Because “Workation” is an inevitable trend, leaders can balance between the mobility needs of employees and the stability requirements of the business by creating conditions for employees to rotate to register for “Workation” . This will help prevent the office from being empty during peak tourist seasons, and at the same time win hearts when young workers really need time away from the desk.

For workation to really bring positive effects, there should be uniform regulations between employees and businesses.  Photo: Tribune

In order for “workation” to really bring about positive effects, it is necessary to have uniform regulations between employees and businesses. Image: Tribune

Like every other trend, “Workation” is also about filtering and eliminating. HR experts noted that if businesses soon apply adaptation measures, it will be a performance lever to catch the growth wave of the new normal. On the contrary, if “ignored”, businesses may face difficulties in the human problem, thereby losing their breath on the road to sales.

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