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The city at night was “drawn” by Yen Jii and street artist Phuong Vu

Along with the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 trio, an inspirational video with young people also appeared on social networking sites. Samsung always maintains the idea of ​​technology connecting life, encouraging young people to live passionately and assert themselves. In this video with the Galaxy Tab S8 series of products, Samsung wants to explore the “playground” through the stories of young people, who always live and work with a spirit of freedom and do not define themselves in any situation. any image.

The city at night was

With the community that loves the art of visual stimulation, the name Yen Jii is not strange. The northern Gen Z girl owns an Instagram page of more than 100,000 followers, is a youtuber, a highly rated tiktoker with magical makeup transformations, a face with many unique “paintings” following the natural trend, Net Vietnam. She has a “crazy” degree that not many beauty bloggers dare to try, attracting hundreds of thousands of views for each make-up look.

00:00 am – Many people think that the night comes is the time to rest, but for people with personality like this girl, the night is a catalyst, endless resonance. She went down the street to find raw materials and photographed it all with her Galaxy S22 Ultra. The easy synchronization of the color palette in the design apps on the Galaxy Tab S8 with her personal smartphone has helped her a lot in her work. On hand with top-notch technological equipment, Yen Jii’s artistic instincts were aroused even more strongly.

The city at night was

Another Gen Z icon, street artist Phuong Vu of the antiantiart team, and also a companion in Yen Jii’s life and art, confided: “Our Gen Z art space is a “playground”. ” Colorful, frameless. With the Galaxy Tab S8’s S Pen, inspiration seems to have no limit. I freely transform ideas into design files and then implement them into the outside space. Rubber pen tip of the S Pen glides smoothly across the glass like a pencil stroke on paper.”

In Samsung’s video, the night scene of the city appears with gradually dark colors that are lighted up through the ingenious strokes of the S Pen by two young artists, making the night like a dream awaken with many colorful light streaks. Diversity.

The couple seems to be energized when they take advantage of the inherent creative material of youth, which is by default “night”, plus a separate art knowledge base with 102 from which, unexpected works. born before dawn. Once the barriers of thinking are broken, the visual space will move strongly and smoothly in the same way that young people like Phuong Vu and Yen Jii show their inner talent and strength.

The city at night

Even though it’s only 30 seconds, the video still condenses enough messages to convey to young people about a lifestyle that is constantly moving. Even in the dark, anyone can confidently express themselves, showing everyone a new-than-me. Youth comes only once, take advantage of the “night” to develop yourself, think about your own light.

Vivid video with a brilliant night picture, represented by two very “monster” Gen Z faces, very good in their fields, providing inspiration as well as exploring many limits that other generations have not understood. but it is a powerful catalyst for the community of followers to boldly show off even more unimaginable possibilities.

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