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Duc Phuc posted the clip that day

Duc Phuc recently posted a clip that caught the trend That Day – Now on the social network “top” and brought in millions of views after only a short time of posting. At the beginning of the clip, the male singer wears a green T-shirt, sits on the bed and smiles brightly. Notably, this moment also went viral on social networks 7 years ago – the time Duc Phuc joined The Voice 2015 And no plastic surgery.

Besides the excitement, the online community also expressed admiration for Duc Phuc’s daring to accept himself. The dare to recall the time when his appearance was not perfect before plastic surgery made many people admire the male singer.

The clip Duc Phuc trolls his present self compared to the past

In addition to many comments praising Duc Phuc’s cuteness, suddenly there was a stream of negative comments surrounding the male singer’s current voice. In particular, many opinions have surfaced and said that Duc Phuc’s current face is much more handsome than before, but his voice is “inversely proportional”, which is decreasing day by day. Opinions also say that Duc Phuc recently did not pay attention to vocal training, so he is no longer as warm and emotional as before.

Duc Phuc was also criticized for starting to abuse “nasal voice” (nasal), making the sound emitted become mysterious, stuffy, … And of course, when criticizing “nasal”, Erik and AMEE also fell into a situation. If you can’t lie down, you won’t be able to fight when these are two vocalists who are often criticized for overusing their nasal voice.

Netizens were interested in the clip that day - now of Duc Phuc, but the voice changed to a minus point, Erik and AMEE were also called?  - Photo 2.
Netizens enjoyed the clip of that day - now of Duc Phuc, but the voice changed to a minus point, Erik and AMEE were also called?  - Photo 3.

Most recently, Duc Phuc created mixed public opinion through a live stage First Day. Many comments that he lip-synced and even when he proved that he sang live, only overriding some backing vocals when performing the choreography, netizens continued to think that he sang too far, showing off. ..

With a lot of negative comments about the voice, there are not a few, perhaps it is time for Duc Phuc and his team to rethink and improve their vocals more methodically.

Duc Phuc performed live on The First Day at a recent event

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