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People who know this secret can make other people do whatever they want

Do you want to influence someone’s mind? Isn’t it great when someone does what you want? It could get your loved ones to pay more attention to you, make your kids behave well or get a promotion from your boss, ask someone to help you succeed…

The truth is that we can completely influence someone to do what we want. This does not mean that you control someone’s thoughts, but rather through psychological tricks to influence the emotions, motives and reasoning of your target audience. It’s not about setup or manipulation, any tricks, but about basic human psychology.

Here are things that can help you in life, make you more productive, help those around you, and get the results you want. Are you ready to learn the secrets of how to influence people’s minds?

People will do what you want when you give them what they want

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Well, sounds simple and there isn’t much secret behind it right? When you don’t follow this basic principle, other people will turn against you, against your will, do things you don’t want. And the truth is that we often do the opposite.

“If my boss gives me a raise, I will work harder. If my partner shows more love, I will show them more love…”

You have to give them what they want first, then they will do what you want.

Let’s make this simpler, instead of what they want, make what they need.

People say that if they want to be rich, they need to feel fulfilled. People say they need sympathy, they need empathy. People say they want power, they need respect. If you give someone what they really need, they will do whatever you want.

Listening is the key

Everyone prefers to talk than listen. You can use it to your advantage, letting other people talk and telling you what they want and need.

We all love to chat. This can bring healing to the soul. By listening attentively to what someone has to say, you can understand what they want and need to offer.

“Proper itch rub”

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The key then is to identify what motivates them and satisfies their desires. We did the same when I was in the Green Beret.

One of the special forces’ tasks is to train indigenous troops. A team A of 12 people is sent to a country to work with 300-400 natives. 12 people can’t make 300-400 people do anything, especially when they have to live together. Only by getting to know them, talking to them, and observing them can we tell where their “itch” is.

This is the key. Once we have the incentive to motivate them, we will use it properly, incorporate it into what we want.

By meeting their needs, they fulfill ours. They need a well, we need to fix the road to make it easier to move. And to build a well, we need to deliver materials. We asked them to repair the road so we could build a well.

You can also do the same. For every thing you want from someone else, find out what their needs are and settle for something that works in your favor.

It’s not hard to get someone to do what they want and it’s not about manipulating or controlling thoughts, but simply listening and observing to find what they need and fulfill that need.

The article was shared by Mike Martel, a former Green Beret soldier. The focus is on helping individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses increase productivity, achieving better results.

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