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Gasoline prices increase, many ways to retain technology car drivers

Rate increase

From March 10, all Grab services from 4 wheels to 2 wheels have increased prices. Accordingly, this technology car-hailing company will increase the price of the first 2 km of the 4-seat GrabCar service in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to 29,000 VND, 7 seats to 34,000 VND. Both of these levels increased by 2,000 VND compared to the current one. Grab also increased the price per kilometer for these two services to 10,000 VND, an increase of 500 VND. In other provinces and cities, the price of GrabCar service also increased by 2,000-2,500 VND for the first 2 km, about 600 VND for each kilometer after that.

With GrabBike service, in Hanoi, the price of the first 2 km increases by 1,500 VND, to 13,500 VND, each kilometer then 4,300 (increasing 300 VND). The fee for this service in Ho Chi Minh City also increased slightly to 12,500 for the first 2km and 4,300 VND for each subsequent kilometer. Grab also simultaneously applied new prices for other services such as GrabExpress, GrabMart and GrabFood.

According to Mr. Vu Trong Hien (running Grab in Ho Chi Minh City), the old price has been maintained for many years, so when the gas price increases, that price is no longer appropriate. People who have a car to commute every day know how expensive gas prices are. Specifically, if you compare the current price of gasoline with when the price of gasoline is at 24,000 VND, the difference in cost of gasoline per day is about 150,000 VND. For some other brothers, this number may be 200,000 -300,000 VND.

“In other words, with an income of A, before, the cost I spent was only 500,000 VND, but now the price increases, it must be 650,000 – 700,000 VND. Therefore, the increase in the price of the car company is also a part of the cost. how to offset the costs that drivers have to bear for a long time”, said Mr. Hien.

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Grab and many technology car companies have increased fares in the context of continuously increasing gas prices over the past time

Similarly, Baemin also increased the freight rates from March 10. The new fare for Baemin’s food delivery service is VND 16,000 for the first 3km and VND5,000 for the next kilometer. Baemin’s grocery shopping service has a new price of 21,000 VND for the first 3km and 5,000 VND for the next kilometer.

To ensure the driver’s income, Gojek adjusted the fare from March 14. Specifically, the minimum fare for the first 2 km of the GoRide motorbike taxi service in Ho Chi Minh City will be adjusted to VND 11,000 – 13,000 and increased from VND 500 – 900 for each subsequent kilometer. The minimum price of the GoFood service increased by 1,000 VND compared to the previous one.

In Hanoi, the minimum fare for GoRide trips increased to 13,000 VND and increased by 700 – 1,600 VND for each subsequent kilometer for trips from 2 to 4 km. Vehicles over 4 km have an additional increase of 200 – 1,200 VND for each subsequent kilometer.

The minimum price of GoFood food delivery service in Hanoi also increased by 1,000 VND. Currently, the charges for the two services of GoCar and delivery of GoSend remain the same.

Insurance support

There has been no move to increase fares, food delivery application ShopeeFood has launched a fuel incentive package and a health insurance package to support drivers in the context of fluctuating prices.

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ShopeeFood supports health insurance packages for drivers

Accordingly, when receiving a health insurance package, drivers will be supported with expenses up to VND 60 million in case of health problems or accident risks, helping drivers reduce their worries. Financial.

In addition, the above insurance package is considered one of the most competitive packages today when it comes to supporting special benefits for drivers such as having a fund to support cases related to COVID-19, epidemics, The application process is quick, just need to submit the application through the online form, high insurance compensation benefits, …

Previously, the drivers of this application had been enjoying two insurance packages: accident insurance and accident insurance package.

“During this stressful time of the pandemic, unfortunately, my family and I are still somewhat secure financially with the support packages,” said Ms. Ngoc, a longtime driver of ShopeeFood.

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