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Husband groped my sister

On that day, as usual, my sister came over to my house to play and then slept.

I sleep in the living room, my wife and I sleep in a separate room. The next day, she texted me, last night my brother-in-law went to the living room to molest her.

My husband and I have been married for four years and have a three-year-old daughter. I asked my husband, he admitted it happened. He said he only felt sorry for me, but not for my brother, determined not to apologize to her. From that day on, my husband started to hate her, saying that from now on he would not go home to his parents-in-law to sleep over. My sister is unmarried, and still goes back to her parents for the holidays. I don’t know how to face it if the three of you meet. I think a lot and am too tired, looking forward to your advice.


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