Golf deserves the title of a sport of the nobility, the salary is less than 30 million VND/month, don’t dream of experiencing it

Golf costs for beginners

For golf beginners, the team costs go up quite a bit. Because all the money from learning to play, costumes, sets of clubs… must be spent the first time.

First of all, players need to invest in a basic golf course with a tuition fee of about 1,000-2,000 USD for about 3 months. This fee can be increased if the instructor is known. Of course, the quality of the lessons will also be better. While learning, players also have to spend money to rent clubs, rent yards, rent balls …

If you don’t want to rent clubs, you can buy your own set of clubs. And this is also the most expensive investment. In the beginning stage, golfers can use old clubs or buy mid-range brands to reduce costs.

Usually an average set of golf clubs will cost around $1,500 – $2,000. Better sticks can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Many golfers choose not to buy new clubs but spend $25 to rent golf clubs.

In addition to the club money, players also need to spend an amount on golf fashion because this is a place with its own rules and fashion culture. Depending on the pocket, each player will decide to buy genuine goods or export Vietnamese goods to save costs.

Golf deserves the title of a sport of the nobility: The cost is all in USD, the salary is less than 30 million VND/month, you should not start - Photo 1.

In addition to the club fee and costume fee, every golfer needs to buy a membership card of a certain golf course. Of course, there are also people who choose to play in the current form, but then the cost of each round is very expensive.

With golfers determined to pursue long-term, they all choose to buy membership cards. Depending on the stadium, the cost for the membership card will be about 20,000-25,000 USD/year. Now with the competition of golf courses, this level can be reduced but not too much. With special private and classy golf courses, the price can be up to 50,000, 60,000 USD/year.

Cost of golfing for each round of the course

Whether you buy a membership card or not, each time you play, golfers have to pay a separate fee.

In Vietnam, golf course fees are usually divided into 3 types: For members, the fee ranges from 15-30 USD per play. Guests of members have to pay a higher price, about 60-80 USD. Fees for visitors are the highest, up to 100 USD.

This cost may vary depending on the time frame booked by the guest, as well as will be higher if playing at the weekend.

This is the new golf fee, not to mention the tea and water fee, the tip for Caddy is also about 300,000 VND on average, the private electric car rental fee is from 500,000 to 800,000 VND. Finally, there will be the cost of meals after each practice session at 5-star restaurants on the golf course. Here, golfers will pay about 500,000 VND or more depending on the dish chosen.

In particular, at the golf course, to increase the drama, golfers often bet with each other.

Thus, each time the player plays, players need to spend about 4-5 million VND if not betting. If every month plays on 2 weekends, equivalent to 8 times, this fee is about over 30 million VND.

As can be seen, the cost of playing golf compared to other sports is much more expensive. However, if you love this subject and are willing to invest, players will also receive a lot of corresponding value. It’s about expanding relationships, promoting health and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease through constant movement on the field. So, if finances are not an issue, golf is still a good choice to relieve stress and fatigue. trai-nguyem-20220320170739795.chn

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