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Reasons why you shouldn’t buy an old iPhone now

If you buy iPhone 11 and 12 now, users may have to spend 1-2 million dong more than waiting until April.

Several retailers in Vietnam announce sales iphone will last about 2 weeks. This sale focuses on some older iPhone models such as iPhone 11 and iPhone 12″. “If you don’t need the machine urgently and want to save costs, users will have to wait a few more days to get a better price,” the store representative said.

Mobile World said that the new prices will be implemented in early April. The system hasn’t revealed a specific time yet, but confirmed that the iPhone 11 and 12 models will be reduced from 1 to 2 million VND depending on the version. . Currently the iPhone 11 is sold here with a starting price of VND 15.2 million, while the iPhone 12 is priced at VND 19.7 million for the 64 GB version.

ShopDunk system also confirmed that they will be discounting from 0.5 to 1 million dong for older iPhone models next month. After the reduction, the iPhone 11 here will cost 12.9 million VND, and the iPhone 12 will start at 16.9 million VND. This is also the lowest price of this product. Several other systems are also sharing similar customization plans, but are still waiting for a new batch to arrive before being announced.

The iPhone 12 is on the multi-store discount list for April.  Photo: Luu Quy

The iPhone 12 is on the multi-store discount list for April. Luu Quy

iPhones are price-adjusted in the context of the market entering the second quarter – a period of annual lows. Representatives of the above shops said that this sale was carried out by Apple itself to stimulate market demand.

According to the annual statistics of many mobile retail systems in Vietnam, the second and third quarters were the worst iPhone sales periods. The market is almost flat as people in need have been buying the device since late last year or early this year. Otherwise, many users will choose to wait a little longer to buy a new generation of iPhone.

“iPhone sales are down because most people who want to buy a new iPhone have already bought it, the rest are determined to buy the next generation. Apple had to come out with new colors like blue to attract more customers for the iPhone 13. , and Lines 11 and 12 needed discounts to increase sales,” said Mr Anh, representative of ShopDunk systems.

In April 2021, the iPhone 12 series – the newest iPhone model at the time – was also lowered in price to stimulate demand. There is currently no information on whether iPhone 13″ Is it in the next drop or not? However, many stores are also actively lowering the price of some models such as iPhone 13, 13 Pro Max from 0.5 to 1 million VND. For example, the iPhone 13 Pro Max can now be purchased for less than 30 million dong, the iPhone 13 for under 22 million dong, a million dong cheaper than a month ago,

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