Binh Tan topped the PAR rankings

Ho Chi Minh CityBinh Tan leads administrative reform in 2021, with District 7 coming in last, according to an announcement by the City Steering Committee for Administrative Reform, on the morning of March 22.

Thus, out of 22 districts, there are 19 areas with good ratings, three with good ratings; where Binh Tan district leads with 94.27 points, second is District 10, and bottom is District 7 with 78.82 points.

Last year, Binh Tan and District 7 were both in the top group.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thinh, Head of the State Apparatus Empowerment Department (Ministry of Home Affairs), said that Binh Tan rose to the top because of the application of local information technology, creating breakthroughs and satisfying the public, especially in the information field. technology. urban areas.

For departmental and branch groups, there are 22 good rating agencies and 4 good rating agencies. The city’s Department of Justice leads with 95.06 points, second is the Department of Planning and Investment, and behind is the Department of Culture and Sports with 75.04 points.

Specifically for the 7 vertical agencies, the annual PAR index was rated favorably by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, including: City Police, State Treasury, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Taxes, Department of Customs, City State Bank, City Social Security.

The departmental and district administrative reform assessments were carried out in the following areas: direction and administration; formulation and administration of legal documents; reform of administration, apparatus, public service regime and public finances; digital development and e-government.

Huynh Thanh Nhan, Director of the Ministry of Home Affairs, deputy director of the Ho Chi Minh City Administrative Reform Steering Committee, said in addition to the impact of Covid-19, the administrative reform index of many units in 2021 decreased due to lack of proper level of attention. Some units are passive in carrying out administrative procedures when the outbreak hits.

Regarding the 2022 task, the Steering Committee asks units and regions to allocate resources to carry out administrative reform tasks, studies and pilots of new models that are effective in accordance with the scope and competence of the Government.


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