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Entering the fish noodle shop but didn’t eat, the girl was upset because she was charged a strange amount

On a large group of food and drink groups recently appeared an article “unmasking” a noodle shop in Hanoi because of confusing regulations. Specifically, LP said that after consulting with many feedbacks, they chose a noodle shop in Dong Da area for lunch.

At 12:13, LP entered the shop and waited until 12:28, then her friend appeared. However, when both wanted to change tables for comfort, the staff not only disagreed, but also expressed an attitude like chasing, blaming customers for many things.

Because of the inappropriate attitude from the shop, the two girls decided not to eat anymore and left. At this time, an employee stood in front of the door, asking customers to pay 20,000 VND for the fee… sitting and fanning. The story did not stop there, this customer was also scolded for being unconscious when standing in front of the bar to worship the god of fortune.

Going to the fish noodle shop to sit but not eat, the girl was upset because she was charged... the fan was cool - Photo 1.

Waiting for 15 minutes, the girl has to pay 20,000 VND… cool fan

Below the article, many people expressed their frustration with the way fish noodles are sold. The shop owner immediately corrected and apologized to the customer below the article: “Since the epidemic until now, my shop has no staff. The employee you mentioned works at noon by the hour and today is only Thursday.

I just called her to ask about her case and she received a collection of 20,000 dong but I don’t know anything about it. Part of the fault was because I stood inside, so I didn’t know. I gave her a break. Sincere apologies ma’am“.

LP then spoke up to confirm that the owner sent a private message to apologize with a demanding attitude. This is considered a lesson for the shop as well as a reminder for other stores when hiring employees without paying close attention.


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