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The girl yawned for 8 months, the janitor was dumbfounded while cleaning clothes on the balcony

According to the Mirror, an 18 year old American girl has been mysteriously missing for 8 months, until recently, her body was found under a pile of clothes outside her boyfriend’s balcony.

The victim has been identified as 18-year-old Audreona Barnes. The last time Audreona was seen was on July 30, 2021 and it was also the last time she called her family, since then she has completely disappeared without a trace. Audreona’s family was so worried that they reported the disappearance to the police, but the search and investigation process was also unsuccessful.

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Audreona Barnes.

In November 2021, Audreona’s family launched a public call to help find young girls led by volunteers in the same ward. Audreona’s parents were very worried for her daughter’s safety, worried that the young girl would have a life-related disaster because Audreona is an adult who loves to travel but always stays in touch with her family, often talking about where you go and what you do. Thus, Audreona’s sudden disappearance could signal an impending disaster.

Until March 17, 2022, a janitor was called in to clean an apartment on Warner Street, in the Broadway-Slavic Village area of ​​Cleveland, Ohio, USA. While cleaning up piles of clothes and blankets that had been thrown away on the balcony of this house, the cleaners found the decomposed body of a girl under the clothes and immediately called the police.

The police quickly arrived at the scene and confirmed that it was Audreona’s body. This apartment belongs to Bennie Washington, 39, Audreona’s boyfriend. Bennie is also the main suspect in this case.

Girl amp;#34;evaporateamp;#34;  For 8 months, cleaners are astonished while cleaning laundry on balcony - 2

Girl amp;#34;evaporateamp;#34;  For 8 months, janitor was astonished while cleaning laundry on balcony - 3

Where the body of Audreona Barnes was found.

According to court documents, Audreona died from being shot in the head. Investigators found bullet casings near the victim’s body as well as bullet holes in the apartment wall. Police believe that Bennie shot and killed his girlfriend, then intentionally left her body on the balcony to speed up the decay.

The document also revealed that Bennie had a lot of unusual behavior in public. He fled the police and fled to an acquaintance’s house before being arrested on March 20, 2022.

Audreona’s mother, Akua Avegnon, said earlier that on the day her daughter went missing, her boyfriend Bennie had received a text message from Audreona, saying to pick her up at the gas station, but Akua’s mother thought yes. not sent by my daughter. After that, Audreona’s social media account was deactivated, her cellphone was also turned off. While investigating, Detective Gregory Curry said there were no gas stations in the area where Audreona asked her boyfriend to pick her up.

Currently, his girlfriend Bennie Washington is charged with attempted murder and bodily abuse. This case is still under investigation.

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