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Positive new information in the case of 100 containers of cashews exported to Italy
Positive developments of the case of 100 containers of cashew nuts exported to Italy. (Source: NTV)

In order to continue to support Vietnamese businesses whose containers have lost their original documents in the above case, on the same day of March 22, the Vietnam Trade Office and VNA reporters residing in Italy had a business trip to the city. port of La Spezia, Northern Italy.

The delegation proposed the port authority, financial police and shipping lines with representatives in La Spezia to support and coordinate to help reduce the loss of Vietnamese enterprises to the lowest level.

Vietnamese Trade Counselor in Italy Nguyen Duc Thanh said, “The La Spezia port authority, together with the port’s financial police, will retain the number of containers that Vietnamese companies lose control of the documents, docked at this port. .

We also work with the port authorities on the possibility of port cooperation, because the port of Genoa is the transit point for 30% of the entire container traffic of Italy, while the port of La Spezia and the port of Carrara transit about 20%. In total, these two ports account for 50% of Italy’s container volume imported and exported to the world, including Vietnam.

From La Spezia port, there are about 500,000 containers exported to Vietnam of machinery, equipment, food and agricultural products.

According to Counselor Nguyen Duc Thanh, out of 36 containers that lost control of documents, the Italian financial police made a decision to keep the port of 14-16 containers, the number may change due to slow arrivals or the number of containers being delayed. warped or a new container is discovered that the documents are not lost and can be sold to other customers.

The remaining 21 containers will arrive at La Spezia port and Genoa port, of which 6 will arrive at La Spezia port on March 26, and 2 containers will also arrive at this port on March 28-29.

In the coming time, the Trade Office and the Vietnamese Embassy will continue to work with shipping lines on issues related to court handling.

Mr. Thanh said, if these cases turn into criminal cases, the handling can be faster, because there is information that the buyer has hired a lawyer and has contacted the seller’s lawyer (Vietnamese enterprises). Nam), shipping lines, courts to claim delivery when they have the original documents.

Currently, there is at least 1 set of original documents that have been identified by COSCO (the freight forwarder) as the real set of documents. This is the first evidence that a group of scammers in Italy have somehow obtained the original documents illegally without paying Vietnamese businesses.

There are also shipping lines that are considering increasing the amount and time of guarantee that Vietnamese businesses have to pay if they want to pick up the goods without the original documents.

Counselor Nguyen Duc Thanh also recommended that businesses and the Vietnam Cashew Association still need to work actively with relevant agencies in Vietnam to make urgent and urgent decisions to help businesses have can release the goods soon, because with food items like this, time is money.

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