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So pretty, I want to die, all styles of cake and “cool girl” are available, but the price is only from 180k/set

In order to dress up as pretty as Korean girls, they can “flip” the whole thing later. All basic items, but mix and match is stylish.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Set U

This set of simple pullovers + basic pants is the “hard cover” of that summer, ladies. Wearing it for travel or walking around the city is “okelah”. The whole set of 2 items like this costs only 270k and has up to 6 tones beige/black/butter green/orange/purple for her to choose.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Set pull

If you want to have a pretty and elegant style to just go out, go to school, go to work, then try this set of turtleneck shirts and skirts. The shop is selling a shirt for 250k and a skirt for 210k.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Set 1

A lemon yellow dress is also a good choice to buy this summer.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Kido 2

More graceful, there is a set of hugging square neck shirts with midi skirts. Go to the cafe to check-in to make sure you have a nice “virtual live” photo to bring back.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Set U2

T-shirt + shorts for energetic girls. Vibrant yellow tones are standard this summer and want to buy it.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Kido 1

Two-piece skirt is an indispensable item in every girl’s summer. Those who want to stand out from the crowd, try this super pretty green-tone two-piece dress.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Dottie dress

Lovely combo in the summer: Crop top + shorts + outerwear shirt. The whole set of 3 standard “summer vibes” dishes like this, but only for this price of #2xx, it’s too much to buy.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Set of 3 items

If the girls go to the beach, “pick up” immediately this set of camisole and shorts spread “banh beo”. The set price is 370k and free size.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – White set

A standard youthful outfit “office girl” with a shirt and long pants is also a no-brainer shopping option for girls. This set costs 230k for the shirt and 180k for the pants.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Office set

Source: Compilation magia-chi-tu-180k-set-20220329155319387.chn

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