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The stark difference in adulthood

For many parents, when their children reach school age, it can be difficult to pick up and drop their children off on time. Because not all parents can easily manage the time after work to get to school on time, especially when working or jammed. However, sharing a young mother below may make many parents think again.

One young mother said that when her children reached school age, she almost never let them wait. No matter how busy mom is, she will manage to get to school on time. Even his return time was usually 4-5 pm, but that also coincided with his children’s return time, so he always tried to finish the work before that time to pick up the child as soon as possible.

Every time he went to school to pick up his son early, he saw how happy his daughter’s eyes were. “I’m always proud that you picked me up early.” – His daughter’s words are the motivation that makes him always try for his children.

Kids pick up early and late: Adult difference - 1

The mother said that no matter how busy she was, she always made time to pick up her child on time. (Illustration)

In addition, the mother explained for her actions that previously, when she was a child, she had been “forgotten” by her parents many times at school. Because at that time his parents were busy with business matters, so the mother was always the last baby to be picked up. It made him cry many times because he felt sorry for himself, even angry at his parents. Therefore, when she had a child, she promised herself not to let her child fall into such a situation.

In fact, this young mother’s thinking was absolutely correct. According to a survey conducted by a kindergarten about 5 years ago, children who are picked up late are often more shy and less confident than children who are always picked up by their parents on time.

From the perspective of educational psychology, the delay of parents picking up their children also causes many psychological impacts on children. Often being picked up late can make a child feel insecure, thus losing confidence in many things in life.

Due to the above reasons, parents should not take their children lightly. Parents should try to arrange a time to pick up their child on time (it doesn’t have to be first, but at least you don’t have to be the last) to help your child form a positive attitude.

In addition, when picking up children, parents must also do the following:

1. Communicate more with teachers

Talk to the teacher when you pick up your child to stay updated and better understand what your child’s activities and status will be when they arrive at school.

If parents feel uncomfortable speaking in front of their children, parents can regularly contact the teacher by phone or through social networks. This not only helps parents easily update their children’s activities, but also helps strengthen the relationship between parents and teachers, thereby avoiding misunderstandings or unnecessary conflicts between parents and teachers.

Kids pick up early and late: Adult difference - 2

Parents should regularly communicate with their child’s teachers. (Illustration)

2. Provide positive energy for children

Some parents will always ask their child after school: Did the teacher punish you today? Or is someone bullying you?,… However, this is not recommended. Negative questions like that will make children have a bad view of their school. In addition, negative questions about other students in the class also make children arrogant and look down on them.

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Parents should also talk to their children regularly. (Illustration)

What parents have to do is give positive energy to their children so that they can have a more optimistic view of school – to which they attach themselves every day.

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