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Oversized girl challenges beauty standards, inspires oversized women

Sister Vivian Geeyang Kim. (Photo: Time Out)

Body shaming Not just insults. Every day, we can hear familiar comments such as: too fat, too skinny, too ugly, too short, or jokes like: “If it’s ugly like this, I love it”, “face like a bitch”. wheel”, “flat screen”, “front and back as one”. These sayings are also a way of ridicule appearancecausing harm to the listener.

In Korea, it seems that those who deviate from the standard definition of beauty are often perceived as unbeautiful. 20% of Koreans have plastic surgery because of the pressure of their appearance, taking risks to be beautiful. However, there are also people who are working to break the stereotypes about appearance in Korean society, Vivian Geeyang Kim is one of them.

Kim is always confident when modeling for an American company, but in her native Korea, she is always ridiculed as a model. too fat.

In Korea, the ideal weight for women is 50 kg, those who weigh more than 50 kg are considered fat. It is this concept that has led many people to go to plastic surgery centers, suffer pain to get a standard body.

Oversized girl challenges beauty standards, inspiring oversized women - Photo 1.

Sister Kim has inspired many oversized women. (Photo: Pinterest)

Vivian Geeyang Kim said, “The media often portrays stars and idol groups as beautiful and thin, and anyone who is heavier is considered fat and ugly.”

However, Ms. Kim is not bothered. Besides walking the catwalks and taking pictures for fashion brands, she also publishes a special fashion magazine for oversized women in Korea, where standard beauty is often compared to the stars. Famous K-pop stars and TV actors who often follow strict diets

Kim also opened an online fashion store for women like her. Ms. Kim tried to convince oversized women not to be ashamed of their looks and gave them helpful advice: “The important thing is to do what you really want and don’t lose yourself.” .

Many customers have come to Ms. Kim’s shop because they consider her as an idol.

Baek Soo-jung, a customer, shared, “I think it’s important for women to free themselves from constraints and love themselves more.”

Sister Kim has inspired many oversized women, helping them to be more confident in life.

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