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Strange but good: Growing weeds is more profitable than growing rice

In the past, strabismus was originally a wild grass. However, now, in some places in the West, people are getting better off by growing this weed.

Planting strabismus once, reaps 7 years, profit is 3 times higher than rice cultivation

In Tra Vinh, people only need strabismus Once, you can reap 14 times before you have to replant. Watermelon is both productive and has a higher cost than rice, so it is being grown more and more. This year, strabismus has both a good season and a good price. Grade 2 slugs have the highest price ever, reaching 17 million VND/ton.

Strange but good: Growing weeds is more profitable than growing rice
Strabismus is taller than a person’s head

According to Dan Tri Newspaper, raw materials are mainly consumed by mat weaving and handicraft factories in the area. The rest is bought by traders and taken to other places. Products from strabismus are increasingly diverse, not only mats but also hammocks, cushions, bags…

Peach is green like a leaf, lotus is soaked in wine, blue apricot blooms with purple flowers

Also a peach blossom, but only blooms in March, the flowers are formed from small buds, then grow and bloom into a flower shaped like a bell and especially green like a leaf, quite strange. eye. It is the blue bell peach, a type of flower that is very hot in Hanoi today. Many guests like to plant the green bell because it has no smell. After playing with flowers, they can play with leaves like heather branches, lasting for months. The most popular types of green bell peach branches are those over 1m high, priced from 300,000-500,000 VND/branch.

Many Hanoi sisters are also curious about the Lotus Da Loc is unique when just plugging in and playing, after 2-3 days, you can prune the wings to soak in wine or boil water to have many good effects for health. Da Loc lotus belongs to the ginger family, galangal is grown a lot in Binh Duong, flowers all year round. Lotus is bright red and white, but white is uncommon and is also grown less frequently. Compared with other flowers, Da Loc lotus has a high price because it is required to be transported by plane, from 25,000 to 45,000 VND/flower in Hanoi.

Strange but good: Growing weeds is more profitable than growing rice
Thai green apricot with purple flowers (photo: Hang Ruby)

Meanwhile, the flower plant is called Thai green apricot, but the flower that blooms is purple, which is feverish on the market in recent days. This plant originates from Thailand, was introduced to Vietnam in the past 1-2 years, but the quantity is not significant. A medium-sized tree with flowers in bloom costs about 3 million VND. Only the green apricot tree Ten years old, the diameter of the root is 5-6cm, the price is up to 30 million VND/tree.

Recently, on all forums or online markets, a flower with a very special name has appeared, attracting the attention of many women. Family and Social Information, according to the seller’s recommendation, this is Lan Lua flower, also known as Nguyet Dao flower. In fact, this is the flower of a species of galangal tree, its name is forest galangal. The flower buds grow in clusters like a rice flower and then bloom with yellow petals. This flower is sold for 170,000-180,000 VND/bundle (from 5-7 branches).

The unique way of raising eels earns half a billion dong per year

Mr. To Phuoc Manh (45 years old, Vinh Kim commune, Cau Ngang district, Tra Vinh) has a very unique way of raising eels without mud. At first, Manh was also confused when choosing to raise eels in a cement tank, lined with trees, it was difficult to control the amount of leftover food. After a period of research and learning, Manh created a way of raising “unlike anyone, not touching”. He used a water pipe as a float, lined with 3 more layers of nets and a layer of plastic blisters on the water. When feeding, just spread the food on the net, the eels will come up to eat.

“Most eel farmers only care about the seed but forget about tanks and lakes. Tanks and ponds are very important, if they are not built properly, when the water is changed too slowly, the eels will lose their viscosity, they will become weak. If done correctly, each water change is very fast, only takes about 3 minutes, “Mr. Manh shared. This unique way of raising eels has helped him earn 500 million VND/year.

The set of dragon tables and chairs with the top four billion dollars is shocking

At an exhibition held in Hanoi, among thousands of goods, impressed by their “terrible” size, outstanding sets of dragon table and chairs ebony flower tops of four spirits. VTC News said that the table and chair set includes 17 different items: 1 table, 1 armchair, 4 large chairs, 2 ottomans, 2 tea tables, 2 flower beds and 5 footrests.

Strange but good: Growing weeds is more profitable than growing rice
The set of dragon tables and chairs top four billions of dollars.

All motifs carved on the table and chairs are images of 4 mascots: Long (dragon), Lan (unicorn), Quy (turtle), Phuong (phoenix). These patterns are so sophisticated that anyone looking at them can see the meticulous work. The set of tables and chairs costs 1.2 billion VND, making everyone almost rub them when they are touched with their hands.

The ‘toothed’ artist caught a bamboo root… laughed

Red “bamboo” or “artifact toothless” is the nickname that many people give to artisan Huynh Phuong Do (50 years old, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province). According to Dan Tri Newspaper, in 2002, Hoi An experienced a big flood. Flood receded, countless bamboo roots from upstream poured in. Looking at the scattered bamboos with all sorts of strange shapes, Mr. Do brought them back to study. Hardly chiseled, the ugly bamboos through his hands became more alive. He then thought of sculpting bamboo for sale.

“Many people think I’m crazy, doing crazy things, but the pressure to make a living is too great for me to take risks. Fortunately, someone asked to buy, then gradually the good news spread far away, many orders “run” to. Thanks to my profession. sculpting a bamboo statue, my life has changed in a positive way, I have a job to earn a living, and moreover, I have contributed to creating a unique souvenir product in the old town,” said Mr. Do.

Over 20 years, through the talented hands of this artist, thousands of unique works have been born, attracting many tourists to Hoi An.

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