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The father-in-law advised not to marry, the boy did not listen and the end

Normally, we often see stories of two families cultivating a couple so that they can be happy together. However, the fact that the family on the maternal side tried to advise the groom not to get married was completely unexpected. The character who advises the most is the father-in-law. Not once but several times he tried to warn the groom that his daughter was difficult to please.

Recently, a guy shared a story about the time when his wife’s family debuted with the advice of his future father-in-law. He was not able to do exactly as he said and the ending was unexpected. The story is as follows:

“In the old days, when flirting with his wife, for some reason, he found his father-in-law very funny at that time, a few times when he sat down to drink alcohol, he was all like: “Love it, you’re miserable”, “Have you thought about it?”, “Is it confirmed yet? ?”, “Don’t cry later?”, “Have you thought about it?”.

Along with that are “He’s bad at cooking”, “He’s lazy to do housework”, “If he gets angry, he’s done”, “He drinks a lot!”, “Dad is often scolded by him, you don’t. don’t know how”. Even once when he was drunk, his father-in-law advised him: “Don’t marry it, son”, son-in-law told.

Going to the house to play, the future father-in-law was drunk and advised:

The article is posted.

This story is really weird, who can stop the love of their daughter and son-in-law like that. However, this wife’s family seems determined to dissuade. The father-in-law also reminded him several times, making him very curious and difficult to understand. There was also a time when he asked his father-in-law if he was telling the truth or joking, and he calmly replied: “Have you heard the saying that when people are drunk, they will tell the truth?”

Despite the advice, the young man was still determined to get married and after officially getting married, it seemed that his father-in-law was right. The proof is that his life is more interesting, but the wife sometimes makes her husband feel really “hard”.

Now married for 2 years, the couple is still a husband and wife. We don’t have any grandchildren because of the past 2 years due to the epidemic, part of us is also focusing on doing business, and then we also get injections.

The husband and wife live together, but sometimes they still argue because their wives make a series of regulations such as:

– Cooking rice is not good, but I still eat it and praise it as delicious.

– The housework is not evenly divided, the husband always has more work than the wife, while the wife sits and plays.

– Sometimes, for no reason, my wife scolds, scolds me in the morning, scolds me in the afternoon, scolds me at night, and sometimes scolds me when I go to bed: ‘You never went to the bathroom at night?’.

– The wife drinks a lot when you come to visit, it’s all about the sisters who come to play, eat hot pot and drink wine, then let her husband clean it up and say “Sometimes”.

– For keeping money, leave 1 amount for me but take all the reasons to deduct my spending.

Just like today, the husband and wife argued, suddenly the father-in-law called me, the wife must have told him, the father laughed and said:

“In the past, my father said that you didn’t listen, now don’t blame anyone, don’t get angry at anyone. If you’re a man, then hold on… Who says you don’t listen to adults.”

As for men, 12 sides of the water, this wharf is murky. Knowing that, slowly get married.”

Going to the house to play, the future father-in-law was drunk and advised:


This is a funny story that was posted and attracted a lot of attention from netizens. It seems that the guy did not listen to his father-in-law’s “loose ears” in the past, so he is currently receiving some small unsatisfactory things about the fact that a man has a wife. Many other men also found themselves in it. After marriage, life is very different from before.

Maybe because he knew the girl’s character in advance, the father-in-law humorously told him to “stay away”. His way of saying surprised the groom, but he couldn’t follow it.

The article is shared as a small lesson for the boys on the threshold of marriage. You have to think carefully because after going back to the same house, life is not the same as before. Sometimes husbands will have to face a difficult situation and then sit back and regret knowing that they married a little later.

However, there are also some opinions that this story is also a way of “showing off” of the son-in-law because it suits his father-in-law only! vacu-vo-le-that-su-sau-2-nam-hon-nhan-20220401151732785.chn

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