‘Dreaming in the sun’ intact spirit and excitement of the runway

The digital show Dreaming of Sunshine Spring Summer 2022 from fashion brand IVY moda has just been broadcast on the evening of April 9 at 8 pm on IVY moda’s official fanpage, attracting thousands of viewers. With the presence of famous Vietnamese showbiz names such as Hoa Minzy, Minh Tu, Cara Phuong, Miss Tieu Vy, TyhD Thuy Duong, Huong Ly, Cao Thien Trang, etc., especially, Da LAB group will accompany. models and helped the designs in the “Sunshine Dream” collection become ablaze on the catwalk.

The first images of the catwalk have just appeared, the audience has been attracted by the extremely dreamy concept with the meaning of recreating the cycle of a day, from sunset to waiting for dawn to appear. . Besides, the space of the show immerses the audience in a new freedom, an optimistic feeling because of the poetic atmosphere like a beautiful dream being realized.

Digital show of IVY moda: 'Dreaming in the sun' intact spirit and excitement of the runway - Photo 1.

Supermodel Minh Tu “opened” the show, bringing a bountiful source of energy. Through wrinkled designs or flying shapes, IVY moda fashion brand wants to convey to women love, optimism, positivity and freedom after long days of “mellow” because of the epidemic. . Not only that, with diverse designs, from ethereal to sexy, IVY moda has contributed to building a personal statement and individual style for each lady. From there, they can become more beautiful, brighter, more confident to continue to cherish and fulfill their dreams.

With three performances, the digital show Dreaming of Sunshine in turn describes each state of shades and emotions: from the melding of each block of red to orange and purple enchanting of the sunset, to the fragrant bean flower. Blooming seductively on the ombre background with many shades of change, finally, the screen is waiting for the dawn of a new day with many hot, cheerful and brilliant colors of the sun. Depicting the dream of the “Fashion Manifesto” is realized in a high-tech version.

Digital show of IVY moda: 'Dream of sunshine' intact spirit and excitement of the runway - Photo 2.

To make the fashion night more exciting, the group Da LAB brought to the runway the songs “Leave your worries” and “Wake up” composed by the group themselves. These two songs and the message that the Sunshine Dream Collection wants to convey is a perfect combination. It seems to remind us that we should put our worries and worries behind us, wake up from a long dark dream because of the epidemic, and welcome the bright, vibrant rays of dawn. The song’s gentle and melodious melody combined with the romantic sunset concept has brought an extremely impressive experience to viewers.

Digital show of IVY moda: 'Dream of sunshine' intact spirit and excitement of the runway - Photo 3.
Digital show of IVY moda: 'Dream of the sun' intact spirit and excitement of the runway floor - Photo 4.

Digital Show Dream of Dying, including 73 looks, has brought the audience “eye-catching” performances. When the audience was immersed in the poetic space, the eye-catching designs of the BST, the appearance of Miss Tieu Vy pushed viewers’ emotions to the climax. Dressed in a “wing” with a floating design, Tieu Vy strode gracefully and confidently on the catwalk, exuding a beauty full of vitality and freedom. The appearance as a vedette of the post-Tieu Vy girl closed the Emotional Dream Collection.

IVY moda – The cult fashion brand in Vietnam has changed strongly in its 17th year. 17 years, IVY moda is mature enough to bring a new journey to Vietnamese fashionistas. The digital show titled “Dream in the sun” is a turning point to bring the IVY moda brand closer to the world, especially on social platforms, ensuring safety criteria for the community during the epidemic situation. complicated developments.

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