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Estonian Prime Minister calls on NATO to increase forces in the Baltic countries to deal with Russia

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas recently said that NATO needs to expand in the eastern region by deploying more forces in the Baltic countries to repel a campaign. military potential from Russia, according to the newspaper Financial Times on 8.4.

Prime Minister Kallas stressed that NATO needs to deploy “combat capabilities” and permanent bases in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuaniaand placed a division in the region with up to 25,000 soldiers, compared with the current battalions of about 1,000 soldiers in each country.

Estonian Prime Minister called on NATO to increase forces in the Baltic countries to deal with Russia - Photo 1
Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas arrives at the Norwegian Prime Minister’s Office in Oslo on April 6 for talks with Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere


Mrs. Kallas also said that the fighter NATO on patrol missions in the Baltic countries should be allowed to shoot down enemy planes if necessary.

Also according to Prime Minister Kallas, NATO, with many bases in Germany, has not focused on the ability to protect the Baltic countries and the defense shield of this bloc “still reflects a lot on the situation of the cold war. “. “The situation has changed. NATO’s borders have changed. Russia has long increased pressure or aggression on its side, so NATO also needs to increase its defense capabilities on the other side to deter aggression from Russia,” Kallas stressed.

Estonia calls for increased NATO forces in the Baltic countries to counter Russia

Prime Minister Kallas is among a group of leaders in central and eastern Europe who want NATO and its allies in the European Union (EU) to take stronger action against Russia since Moscow launched it. military campaign in Ukraine on February 24.

The Baltic states are currently defended by multinational battals of 1,000 soldiers in each, but Kallas and other Baltic officials insist such forces are not enough to deal with a potential military campaign from Russia. , according to Financial Times.

Kallas also called on Ukraine and other European countries not to make concessions to Russia in peace talks, such as recognizing the Russian peninsula of Crimea or recognizing the independence of two separatist regions in the Donbass region.

There is currently no information on Russia’s response to Prime Minister Kallas’s proposal. In the past, Moscow has insisted that it does not threaten anyone and has no intention of occupying Ukraine’s territory.

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