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The US offers a reward of $ 50,000 to catch the perpetrators of the New York shooting

The US offers a reward of $50,000 to catch the perpetrators of the New York shooting - Photo 1.

US police are looking for suspect Frank James in connection with the New York shooting – Photo: NYPD

In an update on the morning of April 13, Vietnam time, New York police said they had identified a suspect in the shooting as Frank James. This person rented a truck that was involved in the shooting that was found in Brooklyn. The car keys were found at the scene of the incident.

“We are looking to determine if he has any connection to the subway incident,” CNN quoted New York Police Department chief investigator James Essig as saying. Authorities have offered a reward of $50,000 for information that helps find James. To date, no one has been arrested in the case.

However, New York Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said at this time the incident will not be investigated as terrorism because a motive has not been determined and no one was seriously injured in the incident. Police are also appealing for witnesses to give any information they have.

Talking about the shooting at a subway station in Brooklyn on April 12, US time, Mr. Essig said the gunman fired a total of 33 shots and hit 10 people. However, these people were only injured. In addition, more than 13 people were injured from smoke inhalation and other reasons while fleeing the scene.

“We are lucky because it could have been worse than that,” Sewell told AFP news agency.

During the rush hour incident at the Brooklyn train station, the gunman wearing a gas mask threw two smoke bombs before firing at the panicking crowd.

Police later seized at the scene a Glock 17 9mm pistol, 3 magazines and some other items. They also obtained video from a witness’s phone recording the suspect’s image. Witnesses described the shooter as a black man about 173cm tall, wearing a blue construction jacket and gray hooded top.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said his team is in close contact with New York officials about the incident. “We won’t give up until we find the culprit,” Biden pledged.

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