Strange number called threatening to remove the search post or I will lose my child

On the afternoon of April 15, Mr. Nguyen Van Phien (53 years old, residing in Dong Hai ward, Thanh Hoa city, Thanh Hoa) said that his family still has no information about his daughter Nguyen Thi Hong (18 years old – 18 years old). National Judo athlete) has been missing for nearly a month.

Mr. Phien said that after many days of searching for his son could not, his family reported the incident to the Dong Hai ward police office for help in searching. In addition, Mr. Phien’s family has also posted pictures of their daughter and information on social networking sites to ask everyone to search for them.

On April 14, Mr. Phien suddenly received a call from a strange number 09323429xx calling to ask if this was Hong’s father. This person then threatened Mr. Phien with a terrible tone.

This person called to tell me to take down the post looking for my son, or else his son won’t come back. There’s a chance you’ll lose your baby. When finished, turn off the phone. I can’t call back anymore.

Through the tone of the voice, this person is a woman in her 30s and speaks with an accent from the northern provinces“, Mr. Phien said and said that he was worried about his son, so he reported this information to the Dong Hai Ward Police.

Mr. Phien said that for nearly a month, he and his family had gone to many places and many people to look for his daughter, but there was still no trace of him. Mr. Phien went all the way to Hanoi and Vinh Phuc (where Hong often practices) to find his son, but still to no avail.

The family is very worried about the child. I suspect my daughter has been kidnapped. Now, I hope the authorities will soon find the child to help the family“, Mr. Phien said and added that his family has no enmity with anyone. His daughter is also obedient. When asked outside of school, his daughter did not conflict or owe anyone anything.

As previously reported, on March 18, Nguyen Thi Hong (18 years old) visited her parents’ house in Thanh Hoa. On March 21, Hong asked her parents for permission to go to Hanoi for a checkup because of back pain and promised to return in the afternoon.

When the child did not return in the afternoon, the family tried to contact their daughter’s phone number but could not. During the past 1 month, the family went to many places, searched many ways, but still there was no news about the child.

It is known that Hong is a National Judo female athlete who has represented Thanh Hoa many times at the National Youth Judo Championships and achieved many achievements and medals. Hong has won 10 medals in competitions on Judo martial arts. con-20220415154209378.htm

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