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Very cute little house in the middle of the suburbs

The house is very simple, but it is the dream of many people about a peaceful life with family and nature. The two-storey house was built with a simple exterior, an idyllic entrance with steps and a tiled front yard to serve the needs of relaxation and family activities.

Around the house are patches of green natural colors, lawns, fruit trees, leafy vegetables… All create a peaceful, simple picture, too ordinary but everyone wishes to have an interesting life. taste like that.


The two-storey house stands out among the green gardens.

The courtyard is designed and furnished like a house in the garden. The space is cleverly arranged with an outdoor kitchen, a dining table corner and a relaxing seating area. People can comfortably enjoy the sun and wind outside and be close to nature, breathing fresh air.


The small corner in front of the yard is a place to relax, enjoy the wind and watch the trees and leaves of everyone in the family.

The house is surrounded by a wooden fence. The way to level up each functional area of ​​the garden creates a fancy and attractive beauty. The steps are indispensable to add a special highlight to the garden.


The garden area is eye-catching.

The garden corner is designed with a green lawn next to the fruit trees. The lawn area is a priority place for large parties and mostly a place for children to play.


Area of ​​grass and old trees.


Greenhouse growing vegetables.

In the garden, there is an additional greenhouse to grow flowers and vegetables that are not suitable for the weather.


The simple, meandering steps are the highlight for the exterior, which can be immediately stepped onto the main living room space.

Old trees and perennial fruit trees are also places to hang colorful hammocks, creating a peaceful and quiet corner for all nature lovers to take a lunch break, read a book or watch the clear blue sky.

The living room is a place designed close to the entrance, placing a sofa, a single sofa with two simple and youthful colors, brown and turquoise. The house is larger and more airy thanks to the thorough use of white for the door, wall paint, main furniture such as kitchen cabinets, dining table…


Spacious living room.


The functional area is linked to the backyard.

Each functional area is cleverly and simply decorated with friendly ceramic flower pots. Neatly arranged items help the space add a gentle highlight, reducing the usual monotony of modern kitchens.

The dining room space is extremely impressive with the map hanging neatly on one wall. The turquoise color of the chair makes the connection between the decorative details more harmonious and seamless. Besides, there is a prominent wall photo frame on a white background to help the dining space look more light, youthful and joyful.


The space is flooded with natural light.


Cozy, youthful dining table.

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Convenient kitchen.

The second floor is a relaxation area with seating right next to the break between the rooms. The simple arrangement of wooden chairs with leather backrests combined with metal tables adds to the aesthetic effect, creating a special highlight in the light-filled space.


The second floor break is arranged with a corner to relax and read a book.

The baby’s bedroom is specially designed with eye-catching and vivid geometric wallpaper. The space becomes simple and compact when restraining furniture and colors.


Outstanding bedroom with wallpaper.


The room is more impressive with white shelves, adding small decorative details to make the small space more impressive.

The master room has a youthful décor, giving a cozy rest space from neutral, calm colors.


The master bedroom has a neutral neutral color.

Part of the balcony of the bedroom area is arranged with seats, eye-catching patterned carpets create a prominent highlight between the sky and the surrounding green nature.


The balcony is enchanting with accents from the carpet.

The bathrooms are fully equipped with functional areas such as standing showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks… for everyone to enter the room.

The bathroom space is functional, convenient and good looking thanks to the appropriate use of colors. chn

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