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Children with heat rash need to do?

What is baby heat rash?

Heat rash is a condition in which the sweat glands are blocked and stagnation, the excretory ducts are caused by dirt or clogged, causing skin inflammation, the appearance of small pink pimples on the skin.

Children with heat rash need to do?  - first

Children with heat rash will appear red bumps. (Illustration)

Types of heat rash in children

Heat rash includes 3 main types:

– Red rom (miliaria): As a type of heat that is hidden deep inside the skin, the affected skin areas often appear red pimples, causing the baby to have a burning sensation, which often occurs when the weather is hot.

– Deep chrome (miliaria profunda): It is a type of heat rash that occurs in the deepest part of the skin, usually occurs if the sweat glands are severely damaged and is a prolonged form of heat rash. However, it is rare in young children.

– crystalline chromium (miliaria crystalina): Usually occurs in children with underdeveloped sweat glands, without symptoms of burning or inflammation. You can tell if your child has a high fever and leaves patches of flaking skin when the heat rash is gone.

Signs to identify children with heat rash

Children with heat rash will appear small blisters and grow in clusters, on the background of the red skin.

Children are often fussy, itchy, uncomfortable and irritable.

The baby will scratch a lot and may scratch the skin, become infected with pustules or boils on the skin.

– Common locations when children have heat rash include sweat glands in the forehead, neck, shoulders, chest, back but can also be in the armpits, groin.

How long does it take for a child to have heat rash?

For adults, heat rash usually goes away within a few hours or in more severe cases it can take days or weeks. There are several timelines required for recovery, depending on the severity of the heat rash:

If heat rash appears as blisters on the skin, it may go away within a few hours or days.

If heat rash appears red, looks like an insect sting or a pimple, it can take up to a few days or weeks for the deeper inflammation to clear up.

– If a child has a deep, painful papule (very rare), parents should take the child to see a doctor to resolve the condition, these cases can take longer to heal, often up to several weeks.

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Signs of heat rash in children. (Illustration)

Children with heat rash should bathe?

Leaf juices are usually cool, very benign, help to cool down, do not cause irritation, safe for baby’s sensitive skin. Mothers can bathe the baby with leaf juices such as:

– Betel leaf is not: This leaf is rich in vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin and minerals that have antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-itching properties, supporting healthier skin.

– Starfruit leaves: According to Oriental medicine, star fruit leaves have cooling, antibacterial, anti-allergic properties, organic acids, tannins and minerals have detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and allergy-reducing properties. Therefore, star fruit leaves are often used in the treatment of heat rash, to help cool the baby’s skin, reduce itching, and bring smoother skin.

– Soil leaves: The herb has a sweet taste, cool properties, contains ingredients such as saponins, lipids, tannins and soluble essential oils that have the effect of reducing boils, heat rash, reducing infections, inflammation of the skin, detoxification, and cooling the skin. , relieve cough due to sore throat…

– Mulberry leaves: The leaves are cool, clear heat, contain flavonoids, vitamins B, C, D, coumarin, organic acids, steroids … have antibacterial properties, reduce heat rash, boils in children.

– Green tea leaf: The leaves contain tannins, phenols, flavonoids, essential oils and acids that help fight inflammation and prevent the appearance of harmful viruses and bacteria on the baby’s skin. In addition, the EGCG compound of green tea leaves has an antioxidant effect that helps stimulate cell regeneration, increasing the skin’s ability to protect against harmful agents.

– Marjoram: In Oriental medicine, marjoram leaves are spicy, warm, and contain racemic menthol, vitamin C, essential oils, etc., which are effective in treating heat rash, rashes, and pimples.

– Spinach: Has antiseptic, heat-clearing, detoxifying, benign properties, … has the effect of detoxifying, curing heat rash, anti-inflammatory and reducing pimples effectively.

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Children with heat rash bath leaves what? (Illustration)

Note: For babies with scratched skin, broken red patches, blisters, severe skin inflammation, festering and broken red, mothers should absolutely not bathe their children with water.

Children with heat rash should abstain from eating to quickly recover?

– Hot spicy food: Not only is it harmful to the health and stomach of children, but hot spicy foods also contain capsaicin compounds that slow down the baby’s digestion and absorption. Mother should avoid giving her baby some dishes such as shrimp noodles, garlic, chili…

– Fried and greasy foods: Some dishes such as fried ribs, fried chicken, french fries… often cause heat accumulation, making the baby’s heat rash become more and more severe.

Foods and foods high in sugar: Confectionery, jam, ice cream, dried fruit, chocolate… are attractive dishes for young children. However, when you have heat rash, you should not give these foods to your baby because when you finish eating, your body temperature will rise, causing sweating, creating conditions for heat rash to develop faster.

– Alcoholic, carbonated, caffeinated beverages: Including carbonated soft drinks, coffee, energy drinks…will easily cause heat rash in children.

– Hot fruits: Lychee, mango, jackfruit, longan, rambutan, pineapple… are hot fruits, high sugar content will accumulate, causing dehydration in the baby’s body, reducing resistance, making the baby susceptible to illness. heat rash.

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Children with heat rash should abstain from eating. (Illustration)

Children with heat rash should eat best?

– Types of cool water: Corn silk juice, gotu kola juice, tapioca juice… are all cool drinks with purifying and soothing effects that parents should add to their babies when they have heat rash.

– Fresh fruits: Avocado, tangerine, orange, grapefruit, guava, strawberry, etc. have a cooling effect on the baby’s body. Mothers can feed the baby directly or use juice, puree to make it easier for the baby to absorb.

– Types of tea from beans: Green beans, red beans, black beans, soybeans… are all very benign, cool, suitable for babies to eat when they have heat rash.

– Vegetables: When a child has heat rash, the mother should actively add vegetables in the baby’s diet such as purslane, amaranth, and spinach.

Care regimen when the child has heat rash

According to dermatologists, if the baby has symptoms of blisters, redness at the back, face, neck .. parents should consult a specialist doctor so that the baby can be treated correctly. . Parents should also not arbitrarily apply coconut oil, cream, olive oil or buy medicine themselves, apply chalk, rub lemon, bathe with leaf juice … on the scratched skin of the child will make the situation worse.

In addition, parents also need to make sure the baby’s living place is cool (preferably about 28 degrees Celsius), avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or covered. At the same time, always make sure the baby’s skin is dry and cool by wearing sweat-absorbent cotton clothes, changing sweaty clothes for the baby (wipe the body before changing the baby’s clothes).

In addition, the mother should also trim the baby’s nails, limit the baby’s going out when it’s sunny from 10am to 4pm. If you go out, you must wear a hat with a wide brim, wear long clothes and always ensure enough water for your baby.

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