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There is an old saying “60 don’t talk, 70 don’t sleep, 80 don’t invite rice”: Why?

Since ancient times, the ancients have drawn a lot of rules, taboos and experiences in human life. There are even many famous sayings that are skillfully passed down from generation to generation. Although today’s life is very developed and modern, and even changed a lot, there are still experiences and rules of the ancients that still have certain values.

The following sentence is one of those examples. There is an old saying: “60 don’t talk, 70 don’t sleep, 80 don’t invite rice”. So, what did the ancients want to say in this sentence?

“60 don’t talk”

In fact, in modern society, the age of 60 is not old and many people are still very young and healthy. However, in ancient society, 60 was the age of the elderly, because at that time the standard of living was not good, the medical level was not high, and the physical condition of people was not very good, so the average life expectancy was also low. not tall.

In ancient society, people basically got married very early, women started having children in their teens, so people around 40 years old were considered old. In fact, the average life expectancy of people in the Qin and Han dynasties was less than 30 years old. The average life expectancy of people in the Ming and Qing dynasties was not more than 40. Therefore, people who can live to 60 years old are not many.

There is an old saying

The ancients advised not to talk too much, argue deeply with people in their 60s. Photo: Sohu

In this day and age, 60 is still very flexible. But in ancient society, the 60-year-old people’s limbs will be slow, some people’s minds are no longer as flexible as before, the reaction will also be very slow. Therefore, if you talk and argue with 60-year-olds, it will inadvertently mess up their thinking and cause misunderstandings.

Therefore, the ancients advised that “60 do not talk” with the implication that young people should not talk much, argue too deeply with 60-year-olds to avoid conflicts of words and contradictions. Because the elderly cannot imitate the thinking tendencies of young people, there will be arguments in words.

In particular, the thoughts of the ancients were still very traditional and feudal, so they could not accept the new behaviors of the young.

Moreover, people in their 60s are also weak and easily angered, so conflicts with young people are very likely. In a family, the conflict between the elderly and the young can have a significant impact on the atmosphere of the family.

“70 don’t sleep again”

This is also easy to understand. Because in ancient times, the 70-year-old was considered to have a very long life. At this age, physical functions have decreased a lot and the elderly may have some problems.

It is normal for people in their 70s to go out for a walk or visit others. However, the ancients said that guests in their 70s should not be allowed to sleep at their house. Because 70-year-old elderly people can have dangerous problems if not properly cared for, such as in eating, housing, etc.

If something unfortunate happens, the owner will also have to take a lot of responsibility, even falling into unnecessary trouble with these elderly guests.

“80 did not invite rice”

This part means that homeowners should not keep 80-year-olds staying for dinner. The reason is that 80 is a very long life, people at this age need to be more careful in their daily diet, especially with some indigestible foods.

If you keep elderly guests staying for dinner without knowing their nutrition and daily condition, some problems can arise. A little careless diet will make the body uncomfortable. Therefore, when the elderly go out, they should not be forced to stay for meals.

In fact, this part seems to be an exaggerated worry of the ancients. However, in the end, in the conditions and circumstances of the ancients, it is advisable to take care and avoid unforeseen problems for relatives and family.

In modern life, although many things change and medical conditions are good, we also need to pay attention to consider each case, especially for the elderly, to ensure their health and keep our family healthy. The family is always warm.

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