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No matter how much money you spend on care, your hair will still fall out if your body lacks this substance, women keep in shape or get sick

Dermatologist Melissa Piliang (UK) said, if you have a lot of hair loss, the main cause could be iron deficiency. “Iron is really important for hair growth and hair health,” she says. “When we see patients lose their hair, we often run tests to screen for iron deficiency. It’s not uncommon to find that we’re not getting enough iron.” We found the iron index to be low in women.”

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Hair loss can be caused by iron deficiency. (Illustration)

Why does iron deficiency cause hair loss?

Iron helps the body produce hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells. It carries oxygen to the body’s cells, helping them to grow healthy. When the body has a nutritional deficiency, the blood will only focus on transporting oxygen to other cells in the body and not enough to transport it to the hair follicles, leading to weak, easily damaged hair roots.

In women, iron deficiency in the body is quite common. The reason is that women, especially of childbearing age, will menstruate every month, losing significant amounts of iron. In addition, many women on a diet should avoid red meat – which is the best source of iron for the body.

Can hair loss due to iron deficiency grow back?

Most hair loss caused by iron deficiency can be reversed through dietary adjustments. “A healthy diet full of iron-rich foods or iron supplements can correct an iron deficiency, helping hair regrow,” explains Dr. Piliang.

How to add more iron to your diet?

If you only take iron supplements, you are very prone to constipation. Therefore, the proposed solution is to combine with other components. “It’s a good idea to take an iron supplement along with vitamin C, which is found in citrus fruits or some supplements in combination, which increases the stomach’s ability to absorb iron,” says Dr. Piliang.

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Many foods are rich in iron, which can help you to replenish your deficiency. (Illustration)

In addition, a balanced diet can help ensure you get the recommended amount of iron each day. Eat iron-rich foods like spinach, broccoli, peas, tofu or iron-rich meats like beef and lamb. You should also incorporate tubers and fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges, strawberries, and tomatoes.

Doctors recommend making sure to maintain a healthy amount of iron in your daily diet. This mineral can help prevent anemia and boost resistance to infection. Instead of crossing red meat off your daily list, at best, you can eat a certain portion, which is enough to maintain a healthy iron level in your body. Dr. Piliang also recommends making sure your diet includes foods rich in vitamin C, as they can help your body absorb iron completely. In case you are a vegetarian, it is recommended to use beans, spinach or dark green vegetables to tolerate iron.

Other causes of hair loss

Iron deficiency is the main cause of hair loss. However, a number of other causes can also cause you to lose hair abnormally, such as:

Stress: When you are tired and sluggish, the energy in the body is only focused on nourishing the essential parts, so the hair will not be protected and provided with the necessary nutrients, causing hair loss.

Inappropriate chemical use: Using too many inappropriate chemicals can cause damage and hair loss. Use natural hair care products to minimize negative effects on hair health.

Taking medication for or suffering from scalp or thyroid problems... can also be the cause of massive hair loss.

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