The number of applications for university admission is so high, the acceptance rate is at a record low

Universities in the US always attract students, domestic students and students studying abroad because of the reliability, qualifications and expertise the school brings. Some famous universities in the US such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, .. are always schools that attract a large number of students, every admission season is as if the competitive rate is extremely difficult to get into. school. And this year, that percentage has increased to unimaginable levels.

Recently, on the personal TikTok channel of Nguyen Huynh Nhat Tien, nearly 100k followers posted a video about enrollment at American University, along with the caption: “There has never been a year when the US university enrollment was as fierce as this year”.

The video shares about the fierce competition to get into university in the US. (Source: @nhntien.troy)

Accordingly, in the video the guy shared, out of more than 61,000 applications, Harvard only accepted 1,954 students, which is considered the lowest acceptance rate in history (3.19%). Yale and Brown are two universities with record low acceptance rates of only 4.47% and 5.03%. It can be seen that with this application rate, the rate will be in 100 candidates applying, just over three students are admitted, a record low number.

The number of students applying to American universities has increased dramatically. Many schools publish historically record numbers of applications.

Studying in the US has never been so difficult: The number of college admissions applications is extremely high, the acceptance rate is at a record low - Photo 2.

University acceptance rate in the US. (Photo cut from video)

Explaining the reason for this scary record, analysts say it is due to the influence of Covid-19. Many students have had to delay the application process, so this year’s enrollment course includes the old course, the courses from 2021 and 2021 have not been able to take the exam.

For another reason, schools have changed their admissions policies, shifting the requirement for standardized test scores (such as the SAT or ACT) from mandatory to optional. This means that candidates do not need to have SAT scores to still submit. Before the translation, most American universities considered grades from 9th to 12th grade, IELTS/TOEFL certificates, SAT/ACT standardized test scores, main and minor essays… as the first requirement. into the.

Besides, through online platforms, seminars and many other online tools, reaching candidates on a large scale, diversifying students from all over the world leads to an unbelievably high application rate.

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