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My husband threw me 400 million and made a request that made me lose sleep

April 23, 2022 14:36 ​​GMT+7

To please my husband, I went on a strict diet set by him, but the results were disastrous.

When I was a girl, I used to be a beautiful girl with a good figure, pursued by many men. However, since the day I got married and had two children in a row, my figure was ruined.

Becoming a “mom” with 74 kg, anyone who looks at it is also embarrassed and reminded to exercise or lose weight. I feel guilty about my oversized appearance, so I rarely go out and rarely meet friends.

When my children no longer breastfed, my husband bought a lot of exercise equipment to force his wife to exercise. But my personality is very lazy and impatient, only practicing for a few days.

2 months ago, my husband and his colleagues came to eat and drink. While eating and drinking happily, there was an ungainly guy who said: “You are so good at taking care of your wife, as fat as a jackfruit seed”. After that, everyone’s laughter resounded in the family, and my husband’s mouth was twisted and speechless.

That evening, the husband vented his anger on his wife and forced me to control my eating. To lose weight, my husband did not let me eat rice, only vegetables, fruits and a little white meat every day. He said in 2 months, I have to return to my beautiful body as a girl, he will invite those friends over to play, see if he still dares to laugh at his wife?

Not wanting to make my husband lose face with friends, for the past 2 months, I’ve tried to strictly adhere to the eating habits as outlined by my husband. However, my weight did not decrease at all, but increased by 3 kg.

Seeing that the situation was not good, last night, my husband threw 400 million, forcing me to have plastic surgery. I said I was very afraid of cutlery and pain, so I definitely refused to go to work.

Unexpectedly, my husband got angry saying that I was fat and ugly, making him lose face in front of his friends. The wives of the colleagues are all beautiful, wherever they go, they take their wives and children with them. As for his wife, she was fat and did not dare to take her to the street for fear of being ridiculed.

My husband’s words made me very sad, he was too concerned with people’s attitudes and criticized his wife badly. I am afraid of plastic surgery but also very afraid of my husband’s disgust when I have to see my wife’s oversized body every day. This has made me lose sleep over the past few days. I do not know what to do anymore?


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