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The US announced the results of the visit to Ukraine of the foreign minister and defense minister

The US announced the results of the visit to Ukraine by the foreign minister and defense minister - Photo 1.

Meeting of Pentagon spokesman John Kirby and US Army officials with reporters in Poland near the Ukraine border – Photo: REUTERS

According to AFP news agency, on April 25, a senior foreign ministry official informed the press about the results visit Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin went to Ukraine to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky.

About to nominate US ambassador to Ukraine

Regarding diplomacy, the two ministers announced that US President Joe Biden would soon announce his nomination to be the US ambassador to Ukraine.

According to the source, the nominee is Ms. Bridget Brink, currently the US ambassador to Slovakia, nA veteran diplomat who has worked in Serbia, Georgia and Uzbekistan… She is also a member of the White House’s National Security Council.

“Since the start of hostilities (February 24), we have had a group crossing the Polish border to handle the work. Starting this week, the members of the group will carry out business trips in days to Lviv (Ukraine) and will eventually restore presence in Kiev,” the senior foreign ministry official revealed.

Also added Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Notice of US commitment military aid directly and indirectly worth 713 million USD to Ukraine and 15 allied and partner countries.

Of this, about 322 million USD was earmarked for Kiev. The remainder is divided among NATO members and countries that have provided Ukraine with other important military assistance since Russia launched its special military operation.

The provision of financial assistance this time is different from previous US military assistance to Ukraine. This is not support drawn from the weapons stockpile of the US Department of Defense, but cash. Countries can use the money to buy the weapons they need.

According to a State Department official, this amount brings the total amount of US military assistance to Ukraine so far to $ 3.7 billion.

Do not allow journalists to accompany you to Ukraine


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin (left) and Secretary of State Antony Blinken (right) meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev, Ukraine on April 24 – Photo: AFP/US Department of Defense

According to the newspaper The Guardianthere are many restrictions on coverage of the visit to Ukraine by two US ministers because of security issues.

On April 23, Ukrainian President Zelensky announced that he would receive US officials in Kiev on April 24. However, the US side refused to confirm the information. Previously, they also refused to provide information about the possibility of a visit, although this has been discussed for more than a week.

Journalists accompanying Ministers Austin and Blinken to Poland must pledge not to report on the visit until the visit is over and the two men leave Ukraine safely.

Journalists were not allowed to accompany the two US ministers to Ukraine by land and were not told where they were waiting for the delegation’s return – a place in southeastern Poland. State Department and Pentagon officials cited security concerns to make these requests.

Currently, the US Embassy in Kiev is still closed, although many European countries have opened their embassies in Ukraine. However, according to the commitment of the two US ministers, US diplomats will gradually return to Ukraine.

Before the trip of the two US ministers, the British prime minister and many other politicians traveled to Ukraine to show solidarity with the country in its war with Russia.

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