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The main door is the place to receive fortune

The main door is the face of the house, the place to welcome good energy, prevent bad energy from entering the house. Therefore, the main door feng shui plays an extremely important role, directly affecting the luck and fortune of the owner.

Feng shui expert Ly Minh Cu points out the types of doors that are dangerous and violate feng shui that families should avoid.

Feng shui experts remind: The main door is the place to welcome fortune - Photo 1.

The main door is the face of the house, the place to welcome good energy, prevent bad energy from entering the house. Photo: Khoevadep

From the main door, you can see the kitchen directly

The kitchen is not only a place to prepare food, but also plays a role in keeping fortune in feng shui houses. Therefore, when designing the location of the rooms in the house, the main door must absolutely not look directly into the kitchen area, especially the kitchen must not be seen.

The main door sees the kitchen, which is summarized by feng shui with the sentence: “Opening the door, the apple ant, the money is wasted”, which means opening the door to see the kitchen, the money is wasted. Because according to feng shui, the kitchen is the place to store food and family wealth, if you open the main door to see the kitchen, it is no different than opening the warehouse and the vault for outsiders to see. This is a sign of loss of wealth.

In addition, the kitchen is also a private space of the family, should not be easily seen by others.

According to feng shui experts, if this is the case, the simple way is to close the kitchen area. If there is no kitchen door, the family can hang curtains or put a screen to reduce the view from the door to the kitchen.

The main door looks directly into the toilet

The toilet is a humid place, which harbors many bacteria. In terms of health, if the toilet door is designed directly to the main door, the air flows from the main door will rush in and can diffuse harmful bacteria throughout the house. This will affect the air quality and the health of the family.

According to feng shui, the toilet is always an area that carries a lot of unclean air. If the main door shines directly into the toilet, the unclean air will affect the good air flow drawn in from the main door. This is a great taboo in feng shui.

If the area of ​​the house is small and it is impossible to change or improve the design of the house, the owner should put a vase or hang a curtain in front of the toilet door to neutralize this bad thing.

The main door looks directly into the bedroom

According to feng shui, leaving the main door looking directly into the bedroom is a “mandarin gate” error. According to experts, committing this mistake will make the family quarrel, children or conflict, the family religion cannot be at peace.

In addition, this design also affects the privacy of the family.

To neutralize, the owner can hang a string of ancient five-district coins at the main door and bedroom door or hang a curtain, place a screen in front of the bedroom to prevent light from being exposed.

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