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“Do not let the blood of the Chinese people spill in vain!”

On the morning of April 27, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the suicide bombing killed three Chinese teachers at the Confucius Institute in Ho Chi Minh City. Pakistan The death was a terrorist attack and vowed “will not let the blood of the Chinese people spill in vain”.

China’s Foreign Ministry “strongly condemns and is deeply indignant” at this serious attack, and offers its deep condolences to the victims and condolences to the injured and the bereaved’s families. problem.

The agency said it will work with the Chinese diplomatic representatives in Islamabad to strengthen the urging of relevant Pakistani agencies to deal with the consequences of the incident and treat the injured. In addition, China called on the authorities to “resolutely crack down on relevant terrorist organizations”, and vowed to “not let the blood of the Chinese people be shed in vain and those behind it”. there will be a price to pay.”

On April 26, a woman carrying a bomb killed herself near a car carrying four people, including a Pakistani driver and three Chinese teachers. The explosion “torn apart” the vehicle at Karachi University in southern Pakistan. The separatist group “Balochistan Liberation Army” (BLA) has claimed responsibility.

The BLA has targeted Chinese nationals in previous attacks. According to the Hindustan Times, the BLA group wants to claim more autonomy and take over the natural resources of the region and even wants to completely separate territories from Islamabad.

The Chinese Embassy in Islamabad condemned the attack and demanded that the Pakistani side immediately investigate the incident, arrest the perpetrators, and severely punish them according to the law. On April 26, shortly after the incident, the China International Education Foundation (CIEF), the body responsible for running Confucius Institutes, also issued a statement strongly condemning the terrorist attack. and send condolences to the victims.

Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon said initial investigation indicated a suicide bomber was behind the attack. He said the footage showed a person wearing a full female burqa walking up to the truck, followed by a terrifying explosion.

The Chinese killed included the director of the Confucius Institute (built by China) and two other teachers.

Thousands of Chinese workers are living and working in Pakistan, most of which are involved in Beijing’s billion-dollar “Belt and Road” project to connect South and Central Asia with China.

An important road linking Pakistan’s southern port of Gwadar, in southwestern Balochistan province, with China’s northwestern Xinjiang province, is part of the China-Pakistan economic corridor. The project includes several infrastructure projects and several power projects.

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