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Inviting his girlfriend to a popular meal, the businessman was broken up – Young people

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 16:04 PM (GMT+7)

After a popular meal, Ha’s girlfriend broke up with the reason that she “couldn’t stand her stingy, greedy boyfriend”.

According to Mr. Ha, a 31-year-old businessman in Taiwan, he and his girlfriend have been together for 7 years. But just because he went to lunch once, he was broken up by his girlfriend because he made her feel ashamed of being too stingy.

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Mr. Ha said that a few days ago he and his girlfriend went to eat at a popular restaurant. Entering the restaurant, his girlfriend ordered a set of pork ribs rice and a bowl of soup for NT$110 (equivalent to VND 90,000). Mr. Ha only ordered a serving of pork rice with a price of 60 yuan (equivalent to 47,000 VND) and scooped up 2 more bowls of soup due to thirst. This action of Mr. Ha made his girlfriend complain and uncomfortable.

Seeing that, Mr. Ha did not take any more soup but drank a small cup of free red tea. It was hot, the cool red tea water was delicious, and Mr. Ha immediately poured more to drink. He also carefully asked the owner of the restaurant if he could get more. When the owner said that “you can drink as much as you like”, Mr. Ha immediately took it back. Unexpectedly, before taking more tea, Mr. Ha was scolded by his girlfriend for being stingy and shameless.

From then until evening, Ha’s girlfriend did not talk to him, call, text, nor answer. The next day, Ha’s girlfriend broke up with a text message saying that she “couldn’t stand her stingy, greedy boyfriend”.

Shocked when the breakup was too definitive and harsh, Ha shared his story on social networks. He also added, 2 years before the two were planning to get married, he had been saving money to buy a house. Doing business during the epidemic years was very difficult, but last December, he bought a fairly large apartment, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living room. Ha wanted to give his girlfriend a big surprise, so he didn’t say this.

He also affirmed that although he saves money, he never regrets spending money on his girlfriend. Even when eating, he let his girlfriend choose first, he paid for it all. But now it’s broken up, really sad and tired.

After Mr. Ha’s confession was posted online, it quickly received everyone’s attention. In addition to sympathetic comments, most said that perhaps Ha’s girlfriend had wanted to break up for a long time, or had another man, it was impossible for such a trivial matter to definitively break up with a 7-year relationship. .

There are also people who think that there have been many accumulated conflicts between the two, this time is like breaking the bank, Mr. Ha should find out more carefully. If you can’t hold on, try to overcome the pain of heartbreak.

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